Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh Mickey You So Fine

I mentioned last week our haul from Ikea. Most of it was for our living room improvements, but I did snag a Micke desk from Ikea while there. It was actually a huge hassle. I decided that I wanted the all white lacquered looking one, rather than dark wood tone + white + stainless steel or white + pale birch wood (which looked like the 70s threw up in my opinion). I just liked the simplicity. When we got to the warehouse part though, there were no all white Micke's in the correct bin!! Oh hell no! I didn't drive 2 hours up there to be told to come back the next day. 

Luckily Rob is a super sleuth and found one Micke in the wrong bin... but it was a bit banged up. So obviously that meant that Rob had to put on his serious haggle face and start demanding a discount. As a side note, Rob is the BEST haggler in the world. On our trip to Tunisia he haggled some knock off coach/fossil watches down from 100 pounds to about 8. Yeah. Anyways, he got the random Ikea worker we snared in to take the desk to the As-Is section and they took off 27% of the price. I don't know why they chose exactly 27. I'm not complaining though. 

 (Damage Shot)

Instead of the desk costing us $69.99, it cost $54.00. I then used a $3 credit we had there to get it to $51. I know, BIG SPENDER! But every bit helps. Plus, the banged up bit is on the underside of the desk against the wall. No one will ever know... except House Pour readers. Booyah. 

(Teeny sliver missing... which is shoved against the wall so only the hobbits will notice it.)

We'd originally planned on buying two kitchen cabinets and then DIY-ing a surface over top of them so it all looks like a built in. Well, our Restore decided to go crazy on us these past few months and suddenly jack their prices up by about $100. I am NOT paying $120 for a banged up kitchen cabinet. So, Ikea it was. We wondered all the around that store trying to figure out the best desk to make/diy/hack. In the end, just buying an actual desk was cheaper/quicker. 

Long stories are over now. We put it opposite the queen sized bed in our guest room.

I would have taken a better 'whole room angle shot', buttt this is what the rest of the room looks like thanks to constant flooring installation:

Speaking of which, we're done with the hallway now. This is us waving a pathetically tiny flag in not very spirited excitement. Flooring is BORING! It's time consuming and not at all interesting to show people.

Oh hey, that driftwood looks like it's in a bit of suggestive position. Sorry for driftwood porn there..... So anyone think I got a good deal with the desk? Does it look smexy?! I know it's not what I had envisioned, but I get lazy sometimes. 

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