Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Master Bedroom Paint Colors

Continuing on after our brief hiatus...

Why is the master bedroom always the hardest to pick the color for? I left it last because it's the iffy-est! I think our main problem is that we really love Gray Cashmere the best but we don't want it all over the house as well as in the master too! And I don't like the darker or lighter shades of it. So I did some pinterest searches to find rooms I liked, and then borrowed colors from them!


This is the closest to what I'm imagining. Plus the bed is black!

So I'm thinking of three colors right now, again mainly from Benjamin Moore although I have a Sherwin Williams thrown in. 

Vapor Trails by Benjamin Moore

This is in the same family as Fieldstone, the color that I painted my dresser in so you KNOW it's pretty. It is, in my opinion, the perfect gray. It's a black base paint with a few squirts of brown and that's it, so it doesn't read purple or blue or green. It's just a calm gray. 

Rob doesn't like grays but he does love the color of the dresser so he might approve this still. Most grays ARE cold though so I do see why he dislikes them, this one isn't though. 

Gray Wisp by Benjamin Moore

This color is a 95% match to Restoration Hardware's Silver Sage. I like it better than Silver Sage though... it's a touch more noticeable. It doesn't help that although we have a Restoration Hardware Outlet in Cincinnati, they don't sell the paint there. So I'm 6 hours away from the one in Chicago. No thanks. 

via (can you tell I love August Field's home?)

Morning Fog by Sherwin Williams

I think this could be a compromise, but I'm not sure. There aren't enough pictures of it in use online for me to tell!

Oh I forgot to mention, all of the paint we're getting color matched to Olympic ONE. We're too lazy to scrub all of the walls in the house and some need a primer on top. I had a great experience with it with the dresser. :)

Any favorites?


  1. I think I like the grey wisp best. It looks a little bit blue-er to me, but it might just be how it reads on my computer. I'm a fan of grey-blues, so airy!

  2. Hi lovely,

    I am in love with that first picture of the bedroom. Grey-green-blues are how I try and describe that colour. It's my favourite. I try with other colours too but I just always come back to that, in various shades. So restful and gorgeous!



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