Friday, October 7, 2011

The Eagle has Landed.

Who needs to clean? It's much better to use your last day before the storage unit arrives to dash off to my mom's sleepy little town and take the mahoosive bed of glory back from her! Click here for a reminder of the first post from when we bought it (for $45!!!).

The trees prove that FALL IS HERE!

I'm not sure if it's strictly recommended that you put a too large headboard on your car roof so that it dangerously sticks out to impale other cars. 

As a side note, Rob has a huge love affair going on with his custom VW roof rack. I thought he was totally crazy, I mean they're useful, but I don't think they make the car look any different.  When we went to the movies this weekend though, he parked next to a VW GTI (faster version of his Rabbit). He commented going into the theater that the GTI owner would be jealous of his roof racks... and when we went back out to the car he had a note in his windshield from the GTI owner asking to buy his roof rack from him. Obviously VW owners are crazy! Okay sorry for the tangent, it made me laugh. Either way, we got the bed home! 

We also got it up the stairs... That bitch is HEAVY. But we heaved and we hoed and eventually my limp noodle arms and Rob's quasi brawn got it up there without making any large holes in the stair walls... how do you spell the saying, "heave ho" by the way? I like to think it's heave hoe! Because then while I'm lifting heavy stuff, I feel alright because at least I'm lighter then this skank I'm lifting. 

Sorry for the phone pictures... and the nighttime-ness. I was excited!

It's ridiculously big. We ended up putting it in the little nook in the bedroom... it felt a bit too in your face to put it anywhere else. Plus now we can wall mount the 32in flat screen and watch tv in bed on the opposite wall. And now there is room for a dresser underneath the Tv too. Cause ya know, with 3 closets in the room we need more storage!

This room is impossible to photograph, it's an L shape! 

Here! The bed is now in front of the window! 

Did you spot the finials on the footboard? If you remember, the footboard came to us missing it's balls ;)

I didn't want to sleep in a eunuch bed so I looked ALL over Lowes for something to put in it's place. By the way, they thought I was INSANE for looking for wooden balls, they kept telling me to go to hobby lobby, but I knew I had seen something there before... enter stair finials for decks ($3.50 each):

It's the pretreated pine stuff so it looks greenish. It has a truly horrible texture (and an odor?!) but I figure we can sand it down, then prime and paint it black when we fix the other boo-boos on the bed. 

Ignore the holes, I will fill those and repaint!

It looks fine from far away but up close it looks a bit tiny. I think I'll need to add something else to it to beef it up down the line. 

Missmatched railings from the thrift store for the win!

I can't wait to test it out with our mattress tomorrow! Not bad for $45 (and $7 for the finials), eh?


  1. Gorgeous! And for $45?! That bed definitely makes a statement.


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