Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Tale of Two Beds

Remember this post where we went to ikea and bought all sorts of fun things? Like the Hemnes bed in brownblack?

Well... we might have bought something bigger and better, literally.

My mom lives in a sleepy little town north of us that is full of horse farms. That much money in a small town equals an awesome Goodwill with classy expensive stuff there for cheap.

She sent us pictures of this king bed she found last sunday, on sale for $45:

So needless to say, we rushed up there right away and bought it!

But then we had to wait a week since Rob had to order himself a proper Thule roof rack for his Rabbit to support its weight. Even though we live in Kentucky, we don't know ANYONE with a truck. 

Obviously that monstrosity was NOT going to fit in either of our hatchbacks.

Sadly, I was unable to get a good clear picture of it standing up. This is the best I got because the boys would NOT slow down for the crazy lady with the camera. 

Speed demons stashing it in my mom's house. 

It's over 6 ft tall , solid wood, and chunky :) It's much taller than me anyways. And black with red stain distressing, like Pottery Barn does. 

In fact, it looks similar to their Caroline Bed with it's absolutely terrifying price of close to $2500 for the King.

It makes me wonder what the maker of the bed was? It's solid oak mainly, one of the bottom supports looks like pine. If it wasn't from the sleepy little wealthy town I wouldn't even question it really. 

Yeah they leaned it up backwards too! 

I like how it scrolls backwards at the top there. Well hopefully you sort of got an idea about what it looks like. Sorry!

It's not perfect though (of course, it's from Goodwill). There are a few places like this:

And the footboard is missing it's balls (ha). 

I figure I can buy some more finials from Lowes or search around for something ball-ish from Restore and paint it to match.

Anyways, we think it looks 100x chunkier, classier, and ooh la la than the Hemnes and it's just funny that after a year of looking for king beds at thrift stores, we find one AFTER we broke down and bought one from Ikea. Oh well, now we have an excuse to back to Ikea :)

Anyone else like chunky beds? Anyone recognize where ours came from?

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