Saturday, September 10, 2011

Birthday, Knobs, and Paint.

I think this could go down in history as the worst week ever for me. I started the week sick as a dog with strep throat, ended up quitting my job (there is a back story to that that is a bit personal), and then finished the week with a nice round of some sort of stomach bug or food poisoning. Caused by chili most likely... do you know how horrible it is to have chili come back up? I hope you never will!! Ha. I've not ate yet today or taken my antibiotics for the strep yet because I'm terrified to start it all over again. The only bright spot was my small family birthday dinner on Thursday :)

I got a new phone, the sprint EVO, so now I can check my blogs and stuff while on the go! Ha, I could do it before on my blackberry but it was NOT easy to do.

I also got these two things from Urban Outfitters that I had been drooling (and blogging!) over!


I'm so excited! 

Unfortunately I haven't made much progress on the dresser, I've only sanded it. Being so ill meant that I definitely didn't want to smell paint fumes. I also need to head to Restore anyways or wait til Monday to catch the Knob sale at Hobby Lobby. Those wooden ones have to go. 

I'm thinking some gold hardware on it, like the inspiration vanity,

...hence the need to get to Restore, they have gold knobs there by the bag fulls. 

Or I've been thinking of these egg shaped knobs at Hobby Lobby:

$6 for a knob is horrible, but $3 with the 50% off sale is muuuch better. 

Hopefully it's look something like the Nester's office dresser:

Hers is painted Halycon Green by Sherwin Williams though. I considered using that color, but it looks so hunter green-y on the chip. But it reads as a robins egg on her blog? Anyone ever used this color?

Here's hoping that next week is a bit better for me! Have a fabulous Saturday!

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  1. Hoping you are feeling much better, knowing the full story about the job, I think some people should be ashamed of themselves and Human Resources should be informed.


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