Monday, October 31, 2011

Really really bad pictures

Thrilling post title I know ;) Here are some other (awful) pictures of the rest of the house (excluding the living room!).

Look away if you expect gleaming pictures of loveliness and unpacked spaces. We have been very busy so yeah we still have boxes everywhere. No judging people.

Ahhh I'm blinded by the cheap "oak" cabinet glare!!

Oops I forgot to close the trash can lid. Oh well. The counters are super cluttered too. I haven't figured out the best organization just yet! 

Here's how it looked a few days after moving in:

About the same! Ha

The blue tape along the ceiling is where we cut in with ceiling paint but then haven't gone back and rolled on the rest of it yet. Lazy. 

On the other side of the kitchen we have this GORGEOUS (sarcasm) table I found at the Restore for $5. Oh and a $2 arm chair and a $1 ugly curvy one. Those will both be gone. 

I'm planning on getting some $30 ikea wicker chairs to put on either side of the table, repainting the table, and figuring out something to do with that chandy. Rob likes it, I think it's weird. I do like the table though, it has potential. 

Wide angle view so you know where you are, in between the pantry and the downstairs bathroom/ mancave.

 As a tangent, check out my new dishes! Canopy brand knock off Pottery Parn Emma dishes. Oooh Ahhh.

Oh, and here is the mancave.

Well, we needed somewhere to stash the junk for now! We're going to work on setting this room up this weekend. Rob is dying to play xbox in here.

And lastly, the upstairs bathroom. Rob let me have that pink rug from ikea ($2.99!). I snatched it up in seconds and hid it under the other stuff in our cart in case he changed his mind. :)

This is why I haven't shown the pictures yet and please view the mess kindly! The house is really not pretty yet aside from the master bedroom, guest room, and living room :( Baby steps! 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Bedroom Blues

Sorry for the dead silence lately. It's been a crazy few weeks. My guests have come and gone (and enjoyed their room very much!) We went to the Smokies in Tennessee for an extended weekend. All that sightseeing and entertaining meant it was hard to take pictures of anything as zero progress on the house was being made! Along with that, my substitute teaching has amped up (it's that time of year for teachers I guess), I've subbed everyday for awhile now and I'm not quite used to waking up so early yet. Added onto THAT is my cousin who is currently in the hospital for spinal surgery. He's recovering now but every evening after subbing I've spent in the hospital with him and family. Whew.

I know I've not posted many updated pictures of the house since we've moved in so I thought I'd share what's going on in the master bedroom here lately (and brag about our ginormous comfy bed again). Holla!

And yes, these are night pictures. I work people!

This picture makes me so happy. I LOVE our $45 goodwill bed! :)

Ignore the ladder, it was heavy and I am lazy. 

The curtains are just twin flat sheets hung up reeeally high. I actually like them a lot! They're only supposed to be temporary though. 

The blanket on the bed was hand crocheted by my Nana this winter. It's so FLUFFY! ;)

Turning to the right,

Rob's mom commented on how small the bedroom looks on the blog. In real life it is extremely spacious. 

Anyways, you can see my books are exploding out of the closet we stashed them all in. 

I own a TON of books.You can't really tell from the picture, but if you waded through that pile, the books reached your waist. I counted a year ago and I was over 400 books. I am sure I am much higher than that now. 

Library area of the bedroom. 

Remember the free couch Rob and I painfully dragged back to our old house from the curb? I gave it a good cleaning, and now we use it as a place to rest our red pot! Ha, I have no clue why thats up there. 

This space should look nice and cozy with my blue lace rug, artwork, books on the shelves, and a reading lamp!

I have another billy bookshelf, and I'm thinking about getting 2 more (I could easily fill them up, no worries) to put along the blank wall in the guest room. I wish I could keep all of the books together though. :( 

And lastly, 

Some behind the scenes mess. I have to dig through those in the morning to find clothes. It's not a great system.

This room is by far my favorite in the whole house. It's so soothing. There is still SO much to do like paint the walls silver sage, hang art work, and just put away everything, but I just love it. :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to Cheat Ikea Sultan Bed Slats

Ikea is the mecca of well priced home goods, but they have to make money somewhere. I am always wary of this in all stores that are dirt cheap (like Walmart). They feed their employees somehow, so keep your eyes open and don't assume everything in Ikea is record breaking prices, it's not.

Case in point: Sultan Lade slatted bed bases:

It's $20 for twin sized, $30 for full, $40 for queen and $50 for king. That's just crazysauce when you do the math. 

Lowes sells furring strips in 1x4x8 for $1.99 each. For twin through queen sized beds, this wood is perfectly fine. For kings sized I'd go with proper 1x4x8 whiteboard that is $3.27 each from lowes. It's a sturdy wood that won't bend so easily. 

Sultan Lade's come with 13 horizontal wood slats that are cut in half and attached together to prevent slipping and sliding by a thin cotton band that is stapled to each slat to keep them all equidistant. 

This can easily and cheaply be redone. I'm going to run the math for a queen sized bed since that's what our guest bed is, but you can adapt the numbers for the varying widths of twin/ full/ king beds too.

Furring strips are 8 foot long, a queen bed is 60 in wide, or 5 feet. Ikea packages their Sultan lades in twos that meet on the metal center support rail, so each slat is 30 in wide, or 2.5 feet long. Therefore, you can get 3 slats out of each furring strip. Lowes will cut them in 30 in sections for free for you. Are you with me?

Instant enlightenment.

Ikea uses 13 slats but we decided on 12 since I dug a piece of 1x4 pressure treated wood out of the free Lowe's cut pile next to the saw. Using 12 total bed slats calls for exactly 8 furring strips since you need 24 slats (once they're cut in half). 8 furring strips is $16, much better than $40!

Now you just lay them out on the central support where they need to be. Tear strips of cotton out of scrap fabric you might have on hand. 

Using your staple gun, staple the cotton strips into place to prevent them from sliding around.

It does use a lot of staples but I had all of this on hand so it was free.

Ta Da! I scoff at your moneymaking schemes Ikea! With the money saved, I bought curtains! :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to Build a Guest Room in One Day for Minimal Dollars

1.) Get a bed. Check out your local thrift stores. Get frustrated at all the cheap particle board crap. Drive 1.5 hours to Ikea. Buy the Leirvik Queen bed for $99 (includes headboard, footboard, side rails and midbeam).

I didn't expect the bed to be so sturdy, but it's quite nice!

2.) Get a mattress. Since it's an Ikea bed, you don't need a boxspring if you can't afford it at this moment (We plan on buying it later). You can use wood slats from Lowes, just make sure to buy the $10 steel midbeam from Ikea when you go. Boxsprings are just a myth mattress companies think you really need when you don't anyways. I promise your guests won't spontaneously have backs that burst into flames without one. 

Back to the mattress, go to Garden Ridge and buy the cheapest pillow top Queen that they have. It's called C-Q and it's $149.99. It also has a 10 year warranty (not too shabby). 

It's much better than any hotel mattress (and bed bug free!) but if you have finicky guests, a quality memory foam mattress topper will make it softy soft.

3.) Make the bed.

Borrow bed linens from any family member who has extras. Think outside the box, mix patterns! 

Hit up Goodwill too! I found the ikat duvet there for $1! I didn't have the money to buy an insert and use it as the main duvet yet, so I just draped it over the foot of the bed. It's still pretty. 

I always avoid touching Goodwill fabrics overly much so it wasn't til I washed it at home that I realized it's made by Pottery Barn. Kaching! Awesome bargain, no wonder I loved it so much. 

4.) Construct roman blinds out of cheap $3.47 muslin from Walmart and $4.47 mini blinds from Walmart:

There is an excellent guide that Welcome to Heardmont created that I used to make these (click here). I won't repeat the how-to, just go to her site if you're curious. They're easy to make, just a bit time consuming (about 2 hours to make each one). 

I also bought a curtain rod at Target to hang some sheers from but I didn't have the muscle power to do it myself with my wimpy white girl arms, but these were good enough to make in one day! 


And closed! They let in light without being cheapy plastic. :)

4.) Add a dresser (all bedrooms need dressers and you need to fill all the empty space!)

I'm not sure why the dresser looks blue up against the builders beige walls?

Looking better and better (ignore the unused curtain rod).

5.) Add in some random stuff to make it feel lived in from random boxes.

In this shot I  threw down an apple green rug that tied in with the bed pillow for guests' feet in the morning. For the dresser top I kept it simple with a pineapple palm tree and a candle that is pumpkin scented.

On the other side of the bed I stuck an extra Ikea Lack side table and a random desk lamp I pulled from a box. Gotta put your late night glass of water somewhere.

6.) Lastly, don't sweat the small stuff. You did this whole room in a day and on minimial dollars....

And no one will notice that you totally forgot to joint compound up the fist hole behind the door. Oops! 

Budget breakdown:

$99 for the Leirvik Ikea bed frame in white. 
$150 for queen mattress from Garden Ridge
$18 for 8 1x4x8 furring strips from Lowes to work as bed slats
$25 for curtain rod from Target (not hung yet)
$26 for WILMA curtains from Ikea (not hung yet)
$12 for 4 yards of muslin from Walmart
$9 for mini blinds from Walmart

Total: $ 339

Obviously it still needs wall paint, art on the walls, and curtains. Plus the majority of the bed linens aren't staying. Not bad for one day though, eh?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Meet Loki!

We decided to let my mom have my cat Beau, since he's so happy at her house. When I reminded them of it, both my mom and my sister were upset, so it's better that he remain there.

Since Rob is so impatient we got a kitten on Tuesday. His name is Loki.

He certainly lived up to his name, causing all kinds of trouble. So much trouble that he fell and snapped the growth plate in his left knee... within 24 hours of living with us. :(

It was horrible. He tried to jump from the bed to the dresser in front of our bed, and he didn't quite make it, and as he was falling to the floor, his leg got caught in an open drawer on it... so he hung from it for a few seconds which cracked his joint. The sound of his scream is still haunting me. 

His little cast is so pitiful. He REALLY hates it (and it smells weird). Now he has to be kept confined for THREE weeks. Today is better than the previous days though, he's slowly adjusting to it. 

He's being kept in his kitty prison that is the pantry floor:

Since his leg sticks out awkwardly, we're using a paint tray for his litter box (we used the used tray for just one night, he has a brand new one now). 

We're also using a plastic see through bin that Rob drilled a zillion holes into for ventilation in the living room as well. The combination of the two prisons seems to keep him happy for now. Plus we hold him whenever possible. It seems mean, but he can't be jumping and running on his cast. 

Anyways, we love him to bits and he's the sweetest kitten I've ever had. He loves nothing more than getting petted and rubbed, and hopefully three weeks will pass quickly and then he can get up to more trouble!

Monday, October 10, 2011


Sorry for the dead silence but we have no internet for a few more days! I'm going to use this time to unbox and try to destress. Sleeping in a bed is hard to adjust to!

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Eagle has Landed.

Who needs to clean? It's much better to use your last day before the storage unit arrives to dash off to my mom's sleepy little town and take the mahoosive bed of glory back from her! Click here for a reminder of the first post from when we bought it (for $45!!!).

The trees prove that FALL IS HERE!

I'm not sure if it's strictly recommended that you put a too large headboard on your car roof so that it dangerously sticks out to impale other cars. 

As a side note, Rob has a huge love affair going on with his custom VW roof rack. I thought he was totally crazy, I mean they're useful, but I don't think they make the car look any different.  When we went to the movies this weekend though, he parked next to a VW GTI (faster version of his Rabbit). He commented going into the theater that the GTI owner would be jealous of his roof racks... and when we went back out to the car he had a note in his windshield from the GTI owner asking to buy his roof rack from him. Obviously VW owners are crazy! Okay sorry for the tangent, it made me laugh. Either way, we got the bed home! 

We also got it up the stairs... That bitch is HEAVY. But we heaved and we hoed and eventually my limp noodle arms and Rob's quasi brawn got it up there without making any large holes in the stair walls... how do you spell the saying, "heave ho" by the way? I like to think it's heave hoe! Because then while I'm lifting heavy stuff, I feel alright because at least I'm lighter then this skank I'm lifting. 

Sorry for the phone pictures... and the nighttime-ness. I was excited!

It's ridiculously big. We ended up putting it in the little nook in the bedroom... it felt a bit too in your face to put it anywhere else. Plus now we can wall mount the 32in flat screen and watch tv in bed on the opposite wall. And now there is room for a dresser underneath the Tv too. Cause ya know, with 3 closets in the room we need more storage!

This room is impossible to photograph, it's an L shape! 

Here! The bed is now in front of the window! 

Did you spot the finials on the footboard? If you remember, the footboard came to us missing it's balls ;)

I didn't want to sleep in a eunuch bed so I looked ALL over Lowes for something to put in it's place. By the way, they thought I was INSANE for looking for wooden balls, they kept telling me to go to hobby lobby, but I knew I had seen something there before... enter stair finials for decks ($3.50 each):

It's the pretreated pine stuff so it looks greenish. It has a truly horrible texture (and an odor?!) but I figure we can sand it down, then prime and paint it black when we fix the other boo-boos on the bed. 

Ignore the holes, I will fill those and repaint!

It looks fine from far away but up close it looks a bit tiny. I think I'll need to add something else to it to beef it up down the line. 

Missmatched railings from the thrift store for the win!

I can't wait to test it out with our mattress tomorrow! Not bad for $45 (and $7 for the finials), eh?