house tour

This post is chock full of photos. Enjoy my sneaky photo taking. Sorry for the bad lighting in some, a lot of the bulbs are burnt out. This was the first time for me seeing the house lit up with electricity (and hearing the lack of a functioning HVAC!)

It is 7 years old and is around 1300 square feet.

As a reminder, this is the outside:

I would have taken a new picture but SOMEONE dug up the front beds to expose some ventilation wells and it's a hot mess now. Vandalism is just awful. Ha.

So, here also is the floor plan of the house so you can acquaint yourselves. 

First Floor

Second Floor

When you walk in the front door, you see this:

Living Room:

Glorious ceiling fan! Not! 

It's a large square room. This is the corner we're debating putting the couches in.

And this side would have the dining table? Who knows, tetris will tell us. 

Looking back at the front door. 


The handrail is wobbly, and ugly. I've been kicking the treads and pushing on the carpet too... I think there are proper treads on it. Might be a DIY?

Laundry closet:

Harry Potter's closet under the stairs:

This closet is much more roomy than his first!

Hallway from living room leading to the kitchen:


Dark grout, worn out linoleum counters, and builders grade oak. 

Grainy, but it shows the appliances shut. 

Eating nook and pantry. Not quite big enough :(

Nook and the doors leading to the bathroom and mancave.


This is a tiny bedroom that is weirdly placed for sleeping, so Rob has claimed it as his gaming room. 

Looking back to the kitchen and bathroom doors. There is a large number of doors right in that one spot. Kind of awkward. You can also see the walk in closet. 

View of the back deck from the mancave. 

Downstairs full bathroom:

Master Bedroom upstairs and to the right:

It's vaguely L shaped, with the top of the L having a cute pitched roof!

Tons of closet space (3). 

Upstairs hallway:

Stairs to the left, linen closet, bathroom to the right and guest bedroom straight ahead.

Upstairs bathroom:

Same as the first floor.

Guest bedroom:

It has a pitched roof as well, and 2 walk in closets. 

Stairs again:

Ugly light fixture.

Outside damage to the siding (this should be fixed next week):

That is the broken A/C unit too. Evil thing. Don't mind the warped deck either, it will be fixed by Rob and his friends. 

Whew. Done. I need a nap and an arm rub now. I think this little tree house has a lot of potential though once you look past the drab walls, dirty carpet and outdated fixtures. We're excited anyways :)