Meet Elz & Rob

I decided to start a blog when Rob didn't laugh when I told him about it! But also to keep family (here in the big KY and in the UK) updated with new house goings on, furniture redos, and goodwill scores. My facebook friends will thank me if it means I stop putting pictures up of old manky furniture! 

As it says on the side bar there, I am Elz and I just graduated from college (anthropology/history). Right now I'm a substitute teacher, planning to be a real teacher come the fall!  I am 22 years old and live with my sexy man Rob in the bluegrass of Kentucky. Rob hails from the British isles which is where I met him while studying abroad. He followed me home after my 6 month stay there and has never looked back. Very romantic. And yes, his accent is amazing.

Here I am! I do not recommend climbing mountains in rain boots by the way. 

This is Rob. That is not our child behind him. 

Along with that,

We also like to dress up.  

Nothing in our home right now cost us more than $100 each. I don't think our stuff shows that either. We prefer to buy beat up stuff from Goodwill and refinish it. Plus that makes us love it more!

House poor is a term my mom always used for foolish people who buy a huge house and then spend the majority of their paycheck each month just paying the bills. We don't want that. And I don't think things have to be expensive to be pretty. I have 'champagne tastes' but I can DIY it usually. I already have a mountain of student debt, I can't afford to buy furniture from an actual furniture store or buy anything in a Pottery Barn magazine (or even outlet stores, they still have yikes prices!) Instead, we bought a foreclosed home and are fixing it up ourselves, just like we do our furnishings.

Not our truck either. 

I hope you'll join us as I pour out my musings and decisions on the house as well as furniture finds and upcycles. It probably won't be sunshine and daises all of the time, but it should be fun. Maybe.

Lots and lots of fun.

If you have any questions not answered, or sparked by this, feel free to contact me at

Ok so, I'll be honest and say that I would have named the blog "house poor" but that url was already taken, so I used a play on words since I am pouring out our story, and avoiding the dreaded house poor. Get it? Har har, yeah it's lame.


  1. You two are so cute! Love the advice about not hiking in rain boots. And the disclaimer about the child not being YOUR child. :)

  2. What an inspiration, I love seeing your home growing-- I have started some projects myself too because of it!

  3. Wow your "current home" was really nice too! Were you renting it?


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