Friday, February 10, 2012

No More Lights, Help!

Where have all the good lights gone?!

We're trying to replace the ugly ugly ceiling fan in the living room but we can't find a single thing we agree on. 

This picture is (obviously) from Christmas and before the Hutch. I drew it in to remind you ;)

The only thing we've vaguely liked (okay I've liked) is the Eden pendent from CB2. 

Seen here all hiked up like we'd need it to be:

But it's not LOVE. 

Our problem is that I've heard the Eden pendant has only meh light-output. Our living room is 18x18 and needs a bit of oomph and oh-my-gosh-is-that-the-rapture-or-just-your-light shazam?! It also has to be a ceiling hugger... we walk underneath it every day. I'm not against a good looking ceiling fan either... they seem to have lots of wattage abilities. 

So, has anyone seen any flushmount/semi flushmount/ or adjustable pendant lights that would fit in with our room? .... I should clarify that we are broke, no $973888846 figures please ;)

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  1. Would the Eden pendant work out if you had other lamps to help share the load throughout the room? I just love the way it looks =)

  2. We are renting while we build, and that is the EXACT ceiling fan that we have throughout the rental. I can't say I blame you for wanting to replace it. That light is fabulous!

  3. We have a ceiling fan just like that one too in our rental in the dining area. It's lame. I don't really have any advice, although I do like that light you picked. Could you install some recessed lights? Plus some lamps. Maybe put that light you showed over the table & then put some recessed lights over the entry/living area? Love the drawn in hutch too haha!

  4. The Eden pendent will surely be a shazam light when you put that in your living room. :) I love it!

  5. I love the Eden light! Could you add brighter bulbs to the existing lamps on the end table(s) to help better distribute light?

  6. Found you on houseblogging. Love the DIY/realistic attitude. We're renovating from SCRATCH so when the time comes to furnishings & decorations, it will be time for me to get creative (aka thrift store/craigslist patrolling!) I don't have much for lighting tips (sorry!), we're going with pretty much all recessed. My friend creates lights (, maybe you'll some ideas from her site. Good luck!


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