Monday, February 20, 2012

Twin Kitties

I've got a secret. For the past month we've been trying to find Loki a friend to play with during the day while we're gone. We fostered a little white girl kitten for two weeks but she was too skittish. Last week though, the Lexington Humane Society put all their 6 months+ cats on sale for $5 each. 

What can I say? We like bargains... even with live creatures? We headed down and found the perfect cat. He's so laid back and chill. 

We named him Gable. After Clark Gable (who was mainly in black and white films... and hot. He was Rhett Butler in Gone With The Wind!).

Him and Loki are fast friends now (a week and a half later). He is my sweet buddy who loves to be held constantly. 

There is just one problem, 

They look just alike! 

(ignore the skanky living room)

They're both 6 months old. Now we don't feel so guilty leaving them alone during the day as much, all they do is play! Then when we get home they snuggle :) 

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  1. Aww congrats on the new furchild! Gable is a great name! I love old school Hollywood names. My Golden is Lana after Lana Turner, and our black Lab is Duke after John Wayne. Kudos to you on adopting and saving a life too! The best thing in the world. Sounds like they need different colored collars to tell them apart! Quite a resemblance!

  2. So cute, they do look alike! Two is always better than one, glad they were fast friends!

  3. Oh wow they ARE twins!! Looks like one has white front legs? That's how I'd attempt to tell them apart. Yay for kitty friends! :)

  4. Crazy! I'd have to get them different colored collars so I could tell them apart! Congrats on your new addition!

  5. Mutt and Jeff .... Your a hoarder AND a crazy cat woman!! LOL


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