Wednesday, February 8, 2012

(Ugly) Curb Finds

My neighbors are all home improve-ing right now. No snow = buy new furniture time? I don't know. Either way, I've snagged two cool (to me) pieces of furniture this last week from the curb. 

The first is this little oak nightstand. Nothing wrong with it, the finish is a bit dry is all. Well, that and it's ugly. I can fix that though. I plan on adding some small legs to give it height, and knocking off the curvy bit on the bottom. 

The living room is a bit of a junky backdrop, sorry, the boxes of flooring are everywhere... and free furniture is everywhere too. Oops. 

The second free thing we lugged back home is this dresser. Rob absolutely loathes it. 

Yeah, it's hideous. Poop brown and matte silver. Mmmm. Rob refused to bring it home, til I begged and pleaded for awhile. Then threw a temper tantrum. 

It's FREE storage though! Rob think I'm going to turn into a hoarder. I couldn't explain it very well last night to him. Even if we shove it in a closet, it's still cheaper than installing shelving for extra storage. He thinks I have no limit to what I'll bring home just cause it's free. But like, if we found a free king bed. I'd leave it since we already have a king sized bed that I love. We could always use another dresser though. Does that make sense? No? Oh well.

Plus, that little door compartment will be good for storing stacks of fabric for my meeeeellion pairs of barbie jeans I'm going to sew now that I'm a Sewing Master. ;)

I'm planning on filling in all those details on the doors (and throwing that hardware away). That way the doors won't be so over the top cutesy country. And sanding it, a lot. 

It's DIY gone bad. I'm glad the neighbors bought new furniture... they don't have the skills to redo their own... think I'm mean? Look at it in the light!!!

LOOK AT THE DRIPS! The whole thing is drippy. Ahhhh. 

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  1. Oh my. Hands down the ugliest, most hideous dresser I've ever seen. I can't wait to see how you transform it into something beautiful!

  2. I think Rob may be right, it will be interesting to see it after you have worked on it!

  3. I love free stuff! And those pieces are in great shape. That brown definitely wins worst color ever! And the gloss finish on it really sealed the deal!

  4. Woohoo! I can definitely see the potential in the poopy one! Great find.

  5. Curb finds are the best things ever! I always feel less pressure with those because if I screw them up, I'm not really out anything, you know? (poop brown made me giggle!)

    Just found you today, but love your blog. So fun and cute!

  6. I totally would have brought home BOTH of those items!! A little aqua or yellow love'n and they will be BEAUTIFUL!!


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