Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Miscellany

I didn't have last weekend to wrap up any projects thanks to our impromptu trip to Chicago, so today you get a peek at all the unfinished projects that are lurking around our house. Woo!!

Okay so this isn't exactly a project, but my dead mums from this fall are alive! My dad cut them down to nubs and now they are green and fluffy!.. well one pot is, I might have killed the other (a second time). Also, 10 points if you spotted the cat tail!

I might have been overly ambitious with this one. I thought "YEAH I CAN SEW NOW" so I got stuff to make a super simple blanket with pom trim.... then realized I don't know how to take the black thread of my machine. Fail. It's wadded up on the dining room table waiting for me. (The sewing machine hasn't made it to the guest room yet because I am too broke to even go to a thrift store and find a $10 table-- wow, that's bad).

The flooring installation came to a screeching halt two weeks ago when Rob reached the stair landing. Vinyl floors don't have stair noses!! Good thing for us to learn... when we already have one room done! We peeled off the carpet on the first step though and ours has a proper wooden bull nose. We think we've ninja'd out a way to use it without having to put in a super ugly brass one. Hopefully Rob can work on it again this weekend. HINT HINT.

Free poop dresser gets extreme botox. It is now primed and painted Feildstone (again, broke so reusing paint) but I don't have pictures of it... and the doors are lumpy. I got mad at sanding for hours so I said fuck it (pardon my french but I did say it!) and painted over it. Now it's lumpy. I'm thinking about decoupaging maps to it... 

...To disguise the lumpiness. I could sand it still, but I already dropped the f-bomb! I could also add some thin wood stuff. Or beadboard. I like the map idea best, but do you think it's too busy? Often I see brightly painted furniture and think it looks pretty... but then my house would look like a rainbow and I might find a unicorn lurking somewhere.  

Random side note: So I literally just lost my balance and fell into my bathtub while on a bathroom break from writing this post (10pm Thurs. night). Rob came running upstairs when he heard a loud crash. I ripped the curtain off the rail, and bent my fingers back trying to catch myself. I'm totally fine. It hurts but I am hurting more from laughing! HA what a clutz. 

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  1. Haha, I'm picturing you falling & it's making me smile... only since you're not hurt though! If you were hurt it wouldn't be funny. But since you're not :) Did Rob have a good laugh?

  2. I'm sorry, I laughed too, twice! (I know how to change the thread too, just to add insult to injury!)

  3. Could you use an electric sander on the lumpiness?

  4. I think the map decoupage would look awesome as long as the map you choose isn't too brightly coloured and is tonal with the room you are putting it in. The key to very "busy" pieces like that is to not have too many of them though!

  5. I vote for- Electric sander to smooth the lumpiness a tad, then a map deco whatsy... WINNER!


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