Sunday, December 4, 2011

Award Time

I've gotten two of these awards in the past few weeks but I am a bad blogger and haven't mentioned them yet.

Thank you Erin and Sarah!!

Erin is from Where she is a cat lady like me and does gorgeous stuff with her gorgeous home. And wears beautiful lamp shades when in public ;)

Sarah is the lovely maker of . She does tons of inventive crafts and teaches us how to tweak your home even when you rent! Plus she leaves me super nice comments :)

So, I am supposed to talk about 7 random things about me.

1.) I refuse to touch cotton balls. It's the squeak they make when you squeeze them. It's like nails on a chalkboard. Rob likes to be mean and throw them at me. He is bad. Please tell him so.

2.) I hate perfume. I have scent induced migraines so I only use jergens original lotion and I don't use sprays and such on myself. I also judge people who bathe in perfume and I HATE being stuck in an elevator with people who smell (good or bad). :)

3.) My favorite treat is anything sour. Right now I like Sour Gummy Shrooms from Wonka the best. Trolli Sour Octopi, Sour Life Savers, and Sour Patch Kids are always welcome though. I don't really eat cake or chocolate, they're just okay.

4.) I don't actually like to paint walls. I like the after, so I force myself to do it, but I have to reward myself afterwards. Furniture is better because it's less to paint. Primer is annoying though.

5.) I like to play Call of Duty with Rob and friends. I am better than some, and much worse than others. I like the zombie maps best. I always shock my students when I tell them this. We don't tell our teammates that I'm female though or they'll rage quit in the middle of the game! Rudies.

6.) My favorite movie is the Sound of Music. My favorite books would be either Harry Potter's or Laura Ingalls Wilder's. I don't have a favorite type of music, I just listen to the radio so it changes with the top 40. My favorite food is CHILI or fried squash  :)

7.) I road tripped across Tunisia with a $35 rented car with Rob 2 years ago while on spring holiday. I am lucky to be alive considering how maniacal everyone drove. I also hid from Rob that I knew how to speak french quite well... til the last day when I fluently asked a vendor for some coca colas. Previously I had made Rob talk to everyone in a mix of English and German (Tunisians speak Arabic, French, and then English). He was shocked... I don't know why I didn't speak French before then, I think I was intimidated... plus the Tunisians spoke good English generally. This was before the civil unrest. We were safe!


  1. I think that since you're now teaching you should also wear a lampshade on your head...6th graders would totally love it ;)

    And sour candy is the best!

  2. Ew. Perfume. Yuck.

    Your Tunisia story is impressive. Seriously.

  3. Ha! I just saw this :) Thank you for saying I leave nice (if lengthy tonight apparently) comments. I LOVE sour stuff too. Sour patch kids & me are best friends.

    Rob, don't be mean. ;)


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