Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Favorite Projects

I only started the blog back in July, but I think I've done a few noteworthy things since then. A little run through of my top 10 favorite moments on the blog will be a fun review and will help out any new readers I've gained since July too! In chronological order...

1.) The Dining Table (click for the link)

$25 Table found at Restore. We sanded the body down, oiled the top and painted the base Honeymilk by Valspar. We use it every day, it's my favorite project to date. 

$4.50 at Goodwill. It's not my favorite. I still don't love it with our furniture, but, it is a lovely piece by itself (although it needs another oiling bad). I sanded the bad chipped finish off and sealed it with Watco Danish oil in Medium Walnut. 

$15 find from Goodwill. We primed it then painted it New Black by Valspar. And then I decided that I hated Valspar paint because it has paint boogers. Anyways. We use this every day, the paint has held up fantastically. 

$450 :( Ouch. But, it was necessary. Oh, and we also bought the house we put siding on :) That cost a LOT more than just $450 ;) 

5.) Winning the scariest award, The Discovery of Timmantha! (click for the link)

Oh, and she's still there, chilling in the well. :)

6.) Winning the best deal ever award, The Black Bed (click here for the link) 

$40 from Goodwill, king sized. We love it. We get so many complements on it. 

$40 from Restore. Not cheap for Restore but it came with a matching mirror that I have revamped and put elsewhere (more details when Rob actually hangs it for me, slacker!) This dresser is int he guest room right now. 

We zoomed through building this room in time for Rob's parents to visit and showed the steps to do so quickly for yourself if you're ever in a time crunch too! It was on the cheap too (of course!) ;)

We spend $30 and $50 on new lighting for the kitchen at Ikea! They changed the whole feel of the rooms. 

So anyway, those were my favorites. Here's to 2012 being even more action packed! 

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  1. haha Timmantha! How creepy is that! Someone totally put that there to scare people. Happy (almost) New Year to you!

  2. Wow, you have done so much in such a short time!!

  3. I hadn't seen your table before. Love it!!!


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