Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Quickie Dresser Overhaul

I showed you this dresser we scored at goodwill for $15 last night:

Sorry that's the best picture that I have, taken on my cell phone. 

We simply roughed up the "lovely" honey oak finish and painted a coat of Zinsser oil based primer on top (the gold label one). We used oil based to cover up some questionably stained bits on the dresser. 

Then we lightly sanded the thick spots around the joints that always show up. Next, we put a thin coat of New Black by valspar in satin latex on. We used 3 coats of this in the end to cover up the white primer. You can tint primer, but we weren't tinting our whole gallon and we were lazy. We applied all of this with a cheap chip brush but used Floetrol to condition the latex paint. This hides our cheap brush usage. 

These walls are New Black: 

I actually like it in this room, although Rob would murder me in my sleep if I painted a wall black. Or if I put in a lucite coffee table.

Finally we brushed on 3 coats of Polycrylic. No reason why we used that really, it was just laying around. 

Here is how it looks now:

We took off the old knobs as there was only like one left, but kept the squished bug brass ones. The ones up top are from hobby lobby and have brass on the ends too to tie it all in together:
$1.50 each with 50% off hoblob coupon.

Right now it lives in our living room functioning as a TV console table. It's 50 in. long, the TV is just that big and swamps it!

Now obviously, it's not a forever dresser. I dislike the curvy bits on the bottom and wish it were longer so I could put lamps beside it. But for $15 at Goodwill, it serves our purposes for now. In the future it will probably be shoved into the guest bedroom or our bedroom since we're short on storage. 


  1. Love it!! Cheap furniture is the best way to fill your home...seriously!

  2. I'm currently on a semi-frantic hunt for a long-ish dresser like this to use for our tv in the living room. We'd remove the top drawers to put the dvd player etc in though, as we are too cheep to have a new wall-mount-able television & have a giant one that'll have to sit on the top of the dresser. Anyway, yours looks lovely. I'm jealous! (I'm also a new follower! You're blog is cute!)


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