Monday, July 25, 2011

What We've Been Up To: a Feature, Packing, Hair, and Old Paint.

This post covers the "highlights" of what we did this weekend. I'd say its all house related, but Rob's hair isn't. So it's not.

First off, our kitchen table redo was featured on Southern Hospitality's July Treasures!!!  Excitement!!!

I was checking my reader this evening like normal when I spied my table midway down her list and started jumping up and down. I didn't even read what she wrote about it for like 5 mins because I was so excited. I shoved the laptop at Rob, who probably thought someone we knew had died or something embarrassing had happened on facebook, but then he was excited for me too-- even though he has no clue who Rhoda is. He's the bestest cheerleader ever. :)

Secondly, we've been packing and patching holes in the walls left by our pictures and stuff. Packing is so boring, and Rob is forcing my lazy bum to be a bit more proactive about having everything boxed and taped up by next Saturday. Or by tomorrow, if we continue packing at his blistering pace. 

Yeah he took down the TVs already :( We watched Top Gear tonight via my laptop. It's not as high def. 

(That's Franklin the turtle's tank on the bar by the way)

Rob's terrified we won't get it done in time. But we really only live in three rooms of this house as our roommates were in the rest of it. We don't have THAT much stuff.

Rob's discovered a love of spackle in the process. He says it's "soothing". I think it's soothing to call him a spack ;) (some British lingo there for you). More power to you though. 

Although it makes our house look like a meth lab blew up. Wait, is meth the one that's in powder form? Or is that cocaine? Uh, lets go with both to be safe. 

...awkward segue away from the drugs and back to the topic of... hair...

This is not house related, aside from the fact that our kitchen looked like a poodle had been groomed in it, but, I cut Rob's hair tonight also. I have never trimmed anyone's hair before and I've only seen a hairdresser cut his hair once. And I have no brothers so am even more clueless with guy hair. I had NO CLUE what I was doing and panicked the whole way through. 



I promise the sides ARE equal, he just has curly hair and it was starting to dry and go crazy again. Lie to me and tell me it looks good, okay?

And lastly, I did get the hexagon table done, it's sitting next to me now, but it's dark out now and the pictures would be bad since I am still a novice at white balancing. I looked up some tutorials, but they're for Nikon's and Rob's Sony seems very different. Any advice for me?? This post is long enough as is though, and I want to give it some special lovin's. 

Hope you enjoyed the peek into our weekend, and I hope your weekend was good too! 


  1. Hi there! I have had so much fun reading through your posts! Such a cute blog!!

  2. I've been cutting Rick's hair for 5 years now, I think, and it literally took my 2 hours the first couple of times because I was so scared of messing up. I cut it just last night in 10 minutes. :P You'll get it...and if you stick with it, you guys will save a ton of money--Rick needs his hair cut every 3 weeks, and at $10+ a haircut at a salon, that adds up pretty quickly!

    Also, big congrats on the feature! How exciting! :)

  3. I promised her dinner with the money I saved!


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