Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ruffles are the New Pink?

I put a new white flat sheet on the bed yesterday. I got it for $2 from Goodwill (I know, ewww) but Rob shredded our last one. Don't worry I washed it with a cup of bleach on hot cycle, it's clean now. We desperately needed one but I didn't feel like committing to an expensive pair just yet. Putting it on the bed meant that I of course had to fluff the bed up and make it up (for once).

Right now we have one single pretty pillow for the bed:

Putting it on there made me wonder why it is that guys fear ruffles? 

It is a $12 pillow I bought from Marshall's a few months ago for our bed since it was lacking any pretty pillows. It's not very large, only about 18x18 inches but Rob hates it. He loathes it. I think he dreams of slashing it to bits. The pillow is even BLUE for heavens sakes. It's not pink and you can barely even call those ruffles-- I'd say they are more like pleats. 

Since then I've stopped looking at bed things, I was planning on some similarly patterned pillows and such but now I don't think they're manly enough. We were going good: buying yellow sheets (which Rob has since shredded), we bought the pinstripe duvet pictured from Ikea, and a small twin sized duvet for the extra comforter that I use at night since I get cold.

This is what we have right now. 

No headboard, bed frame, or good sheets and just one small pillow... and some wrinkles. The majority of those pillows are down and while they are super comfy and squishy they are hard to get stiff and rectangular for pictures! 

I think I've decided to hack apart that polka dot duvet at the foot of the bed and use them as curtains. The Henny Cirkel curtains in the same pattern are $40 at Ikea and the duvet was only $14. Much cheaper and they're the same length (96 in.) 

I think the polka dots look a bit childish on the bed too. 

I'm also debating hacking apart that one little pillow pillow and adding some other fabrics to create one long lumbar pillow like the handmade home did:

I don't want it to look quite so much like Rainbow Stripe gum though.

I'm thinking the blues off the pillow and a few greens. Like the blue and green fabric used in hers. 

Of course all of this is a bit pointless to wonder about now since we're moving out of our current bed in a week and a half to live temporarily in my Nana's house while we wait to move into the new house. Oh well, maybe she can help me sew a lumbar pillow while there! 

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  1. Thanks for the blog love! I love the look of your projects - especially that coffee table - yum! Thanks for following =)


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