Saturday, July 30, 2011

As-Is Ikea Haul = Insanely Cheap Kitchen Hardware

I could have made a dirty joke about liking black knobs but I didn't. I'm classy ;)

I thought I'd share a recent haul Rob and I got from Ikea while his sister was in town visiting this summer. Our closest Ikea is about an hour and a half away outside of Cincinnati, so we don't go all that often to save gas. They need to build one in Lexington. Bad!

Anyhow, we went to Cinci to go to Kings Island themepark and while there, to avoid the sun in the afternoon (sun + Diamondback ride = hurl), we took a break to eat meatballs and shop at Ikea. It was 20 minutes away. That's normal right?!?

Apparently on Tuesdays their meatballs are half priced by the way. Next time we go (probably sometime this fall knowing us), we're definitely going on a Tuesday!

After that we skipped the normal entry and cut across to the As-Is section and scored big time!! 

Here are a few things we found:

Gosa Krissla pillow, normally $39.99 for $2.00

Long Stocker planter, not sure on the normal price as they discontinued it. We got it for $1. 
Also don't mind the uglies in it, we ran out of boxes to pack stuff in... ghetto.

And the best buy:

Ohhh yeah, we got 18 packages of Hedra knobs for .50 cents! So we got 36 knobs for .25 cents each! Mega score! We grabbed every pack in the section actually because we knew we wanted to change the knobs out in our new kitchen but had been sweating the price of knob hardware. 
That's Ikea's official picture... they don't look so pewter-y in person, they're like an ORB (oil rubbed bronze) but instead of a gold tone they have a silvery glimmer. It's very nice. 

They're the knobs that are traditionally found on the Hemnes dresser line. 

We did the math and we ended up only needing 14 knobs for our kitchen. 24 if you count the bathrooms, so we'll have LOTS of spare knobs ha! Just a little overzealous... sorry Ohioans. My bad. 

We're planning on pairing the knobs with window sashes as pulls to complete the kitchen hardware. Like this:

See the pull on the drawer in the right lower corner?

Mmmm. Thanks, Ikea. You saved us a fortune in hardware!


  1. Wow! Great deals! I've never been to an Ikea, mainly because the closest one is hundreds of miles away ( we live across from a cornfield...) but it is definitely on my to-do list the next time we happen to be near one on vacation.

  2. Don't forget the $2 orchid and those awesome table place mats for 50 cents each!

  3. I am in love with Ikea and the As-Is section!! I used to live only 10 minutes away, now I'm about an hour or more...sigh of sadness!!

    Congrats on all of your scores!!


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