Monday, July 11, 2011

Floor Plan of New House

As a refresher, here is the front of the house, keep in mind that we've not had an opportunity to take good pictures of the house yet!

It's quite a simple design, it's a row/townhouse with windows at the far ends. If you can tell, it only actually shares a wall with the neighbor to the left. The house on the right is set forward, providing our parking space a nice wall.

Surprisingly, the place is flooded with natural light (aside from the kitchen). It must be because of the huge windows. I had issues with the floor planner though so I'll explain the few hiccups :)

First floor

Corrections: Ignore the carpet in the kitchen. It has ceramic tile in it, but the floor planner was being annoying. Likewise there is no wall between the living room and stair/hallway. 

Pros: The living is large, very large, the kitchen is decent sized, and there is ample storage space. 

Cons: The living room is square, so furniture arrangements are a struggle. The kitchen doesn't have room for our regular kitchen table at all really. So we're going to find a way to put it in the living room somehow. There is plenty of room... but again, the square issue. 

Second floor

Corrections: None of the walls are wonky! The roofs in the guest and master bedrooms are vaulted, I didn't know how to do that on this though!

Pros: HUGE master bedroom compared to our current. Masses amounts of closet space and lovely ceilings :)

Cons: Nothing really. 

The house is 12ish years old and between 1200-1600 square foot (We've not had it measured yet and the bank didn't measure it). The lights, fixtures, cabinets and hardware are set in the 90s (think gold and oak).These are easy fixes though, the bones of the house are just begging to be highlighted. 

The back deck is nice, if a bit small, although it needs refinishing. Here is a picture of the back of the house:

The owners left us some nice junk under the deck! Not to mention some siding work under the eaves.

Lots of potential eh?


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