Sunday, July 31, 2011

What We've Been Up To: Sweating and Killing.

Well we're done. We completely moved out of our old town home. THANK THE LORD. The idea of being homeless for a few more weeks until we close is scary but the thought of living in that hell hole anymore was depressing. It looked nice but we were ready for a place of our own.

We ended up renting a Pod:

We went with Pods because Rob found an amazing coupon on that we used. The best discount code was GOTJUNK, but we got another today when we changed our address - PODSDISC7. You'll have to let us know if it's any good. Also, we could have rented a storage unit but we'd have had to move everything into a Uhaul, then unload it into a unit... and then 3 weeks down the line do it again. With Pods you just shove it all in and they deal with it until you need it deposited at your new place. :)

We managed to stuff it full:

The only thing we couldn't fit in was the grill. It was shot and falling apart anyways!

Tetris champs... ish!

Also, if you're wondering what that yellow round mask is... 

Hot stuff(s)!

It's Rob's Lego man mask that he made last Halloween for the daycare's party (he's a teacher there). He refused to part with it. Silly boy. 

I also found this that he did while moving:
That would be on the back of the Advil bottle.

We definitely got a bit slap happy while packing our Pod to the gills. We got the house all cleared and cleaned by 7pm Saturday though... just in time for a 6 hour Call of Duty gaming session with some friends. Today we've only looked at saws at Lowes (for flooring) and laid around eating pot roast. Yay for Nana cooking!

I'm just SO glad it's over and that I only have one more day of orientation left at my new job tomorrow. 

And on the basement front, I'm turning into a bona fide spider wrangler:

 I killed this one with a biochemical combination of Glade lavender deodorizer, lemon toliet cleaning disinfectant, and Halo flavored (scented?) Victoria Secret perfume. It slowly shriveled up as I sprayed. Very cathartic. 

Yeehaw. Hope everyone else's weekend was better than mine! 


  1. I know I'm his Mum,and biased, but yes, he is brilliant fun, and really good at looking after you if you ever need help!

  2. Nice smiling face of you. Good photo shot. You are blessed.

    By.. Mr. Leading Retailmenot clone


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