Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Oprah Art

I always read blog posts about ways to find/make cheap art. They're cool and all but usually they're a whole lot of effort. It reminds me of the insurance commercial where the large man proudly claims that he was going to run a marathon... but gosh, it was just SO far! :)

Anyhow, you don't need homegoods, etsy, modpodge or any such stuff. All you need is Oprah. Specifically, August Oprah. Oh and some frames:

Mine were dollar general frames. The one that has 4 little windows I just cut the cross shape out of the matting. You can't tell unless your particular brand of OCD is checking people's mats in their frames. In which case please don't come in my house, I reuse mine all the time or flip them upside down to get white, ha. 

I was flipping through her magazine last week since my roommate gets them in the mail and she moved out so it was just sitting on the table mocking me. I also might enjoy the Suzi Orman articles. Midway through it though I found this article:

I didn't actually read the article, but I think it was a self help one. Anyhow aren't those pictures amazing??? I loved them. So I cut them out and put them in my frames. Ghettofabulous. 

I think they look good, obviously I need to hang them up and paint the frames all one color but I didn't bother since we were in the process of moving. And you can't see the text behind them. The one of the dog and the ballerina on the right just looks funny because I accidently squashed it with another one and the corner bent :( Magazines  aren't known for their... hardness. It'll flatten out as it sits in storage, or I'll fix it later. Just ignore that one! And no one has to know. Except the internet. So everyone. 

A hair more zoomed in for you. I know I know, I have epic camera skillz. 

Does anyone else have some ghetto art? ;)


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