Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I see London, I see France...

Sorry to drag you away from our stud muffin turtle, but I'll be bringing the blog back to home stuff now ;) ...unless I get more pictures of his yoga poses of course!! He's kinda shoved off into a corner of the basement right now so I know he'll be SUPER excited to get a window seat again in the new house.

Speaking of which, we did manage to hold off the imminent foreclosure, now we're looking at closing sometime next week depending on how on-the-ball our lender is, the paperwork is all filed, it just needs some bippity boppity boo (I just had to show Rob a youtube of the Cinderella sound clip from that song because he didn't understand ha).

Switching gears, I wanted to show off a piece of art we got this summer from my Nana for our graduations. Technically it was for Rob, but I helped pick it out! ;)

I'd say it's fitting for us yeah? My favorite trip while abroad was our weekend in London (well I went many times, but the first visit was the most special). It was the first traveling trip that I took with Rob so it's even more special to me. Plus we visited almost everything mentioned on the canvas, except for Wimbledon. 

Buckingham Palace at night

Parliament and Big Ben from the London Eye (a GIANT ferris wheel)

Platform 9 and 3/4 ala Hogwarts. What?!? It's a sight of London!! :)

OK, that's enough photos, I won't bore you. 

Anyways, plainly this art was meant for us, even if it's mass produced. It reminds me of subway art too, even though it's not black. 

We're not sure where it will go yet. It was meant for Rob's man cave but he's got a LOT of stuff to put in there, so I might insist that it goes in the living room. It makes me happy to see it since it reminds me of our trip. :)

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  1. Love this, it's classy and fun! Glad you have another week to get the new home.


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