Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Interwebz Wants

For some reason, I make split second decisions in actual stores, but when things are online I hem and haw for ages before I buy... and by then it's sold out. The internet sites are usually cheaper too! I am definitely a crazy person but I think it's the return shipping that scares me.

For example, I lusted after some cloth napkins that World Market sold online for months to use to make pillow covers... and they're now discontinued in the color I want. Sigh.

Anyhow, maybe by listing things  I am eyeing up on here, I'll get a kick in the butt to buy them if I truly want them so bad.

Following along with the World Market napkins, I've been eyeing these new ones they have:

I recently re-remembered Urban Outfitters and want these:

This would go in the library nook we're planning :)

I need to make space for my jewelry, I have no where to put it!

I have NO clue where this would go, and Rob would probably HATE it. But it's just so cheerful!! Maybe the guest room.

Anyways, those are the highlights and the most wanted right now. Too bad I just spent $35 on a turned leg dresser that I found today at Restore!! More details tomorrow, I'm desperate for something to take my mind off all this waiting you all!! ;)


  1. I love that lace effect round rug! If you buy it, can I steal it from you?

  2. Is this anything to do with your birthday coming up? :p

  3. I JUST bought that rug at Urban. It was a good life choice, I highly recommend it ;)

  4. @Thaïs

    Yes! I will name it after you if someone gets it for me! Haha

  5. @Rob

    Mebbe. Yes, definitely! The lace rug especially.


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