Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Surfing Turtle

I don't think I've properly introduced our turtle yet. 

His name is Franklin. I thought it was a witty name til I realized EVERYONE names their turtles this if they have kids. Hah

Well this is our Franklin, he started out the size of a quarter and in the 4 months or so that we've had him he's doubled in size. He's got such a chunky butt now that he can't really squeeze it all into the shell if you startle him. 

He's also really weird. He LOVES his light, and does this planking/ sun goddess worship/ surfin' moves in front of it:

No hands Ma!

This is his, "I know I'm cool but what are you lookin' at?" face. 

He's a red eared slider and we only assume he's male. Rob found him at work by the side of the back door. He thought he was a weird pebble he was so little. Rob's work is no where near any water so we think a bird dropped him. 

Of course when we get my cat Beau, he'll probably end up as a snack on the half shell. ;)


  1. oh no! I hope your cat doesn't eat him. That would make me sad. Too funny about his name. :)

  2. I LOVE Franklin! More pics please! (Do you think he was brain damaged by the fall??)

  3. @Erin @ His and Hers

    I hope he doesn't either! I've grown fond of Franklin!! I was kidding! :)


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