Saturday, August 13, 2011

We're no longer naked!

Sorry for the lack of posts. We're busy stressing, and until the day before closing (next Tuesday), we won't even know if our paperwork will be done in time... so we might not get the house... or we might! What happened was that the bank decided to move the closing date up two weeks because the house was going to go into foreclosure. It would have been nice to know this sooner!

We rushed around and finally got all of the paperwork in, and everything is done on our half. Now it's a waiting game, and our lender is trying to get the date pushed back just a few days.

I have some updates though, our friend of a friend put new siding on the house on Thursday, so the back of our house went from looking like this sad mess:

Ignore the scabby deck! I know it's nasty. 

To this!

I love the color of the siding. 

That back door is just begging for some color, right? And chunkier molding.

They did a really great job, and it only cost us $500 (EDIT: $400 apparently), which is amazing for close to 300 sq. feet of siding that had to be special ordered. But yes we had to spend that without knowing if the house would be ours :( Risky investment but it had to be done before we could close. 

Lets hope it works out!! The worry is just consuming me right now. 


  1. $400 actually, I forgot to mention that.

  2. Oooh ... love the color of the new siding! Looks great! Hope your closing goes well! Sounds like a really nerve-wracking situation ...

  3. As if financial institutions don't have enough power and undeserved influence already! I just don't understand how they can play "harsh" God like this. I hope it goes through.


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