Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A New Bed and Various Other Purchases

Hello all, I am writing this very sore today. Rob and I spent hours last night in the new house scrubbing the living room walls and bleaching the kitchen surfaces. My shoulders ache!

I'm excited to show off what we bought at Ikea though! And explain why it took us two days to do our shopping. You see, we found two big things that we couldn't decide about. First was this bed:

 The new Hemnes in Gray Brown.

We've never actually owned a bed yet. Our king mattresses is lovely and deep (and was a gift from a family member thanks!) but we've never bought a bed for it. It was... uh....  propped up on plastic foot stools. Oh the shame. 

I DO own a bed skirt, but I hadn't bothered putting it on the bed since we were moving right away. Ignore the box springs. 

Okay now delete that embarrassment from your mind. We LOVED the color and new design of the Hemnes bed. They still sell the traditional Hemnes at Ikea, but they're discontinuing it. The new feels so much more polished and adult to us. 

There is not a huge amount of difference but the wood slats feel more sturdy and thick and the foot board looks much better. The wood is more detailed too, with grooves going along the sides and such. Look at the picture above from the actual store though, as usual the ikea website pictures make everything look awful. Whats with the flimsy mattresses?!

We loved the gray brown too but ended up buying the black brown. Mainly because while the gray brown is pretty, it would clash horribly with cherry/walnut/oak flooring choices and black looks awful next to it... and our nightstands are black. Oh well, the black brown is just more versatile. 

Obviously we bought it (that was the huge package strapped to our car) and now I have to wait a few weeks before I can put the bed together :( I miss our king sized bed! We're sleeping in a Queen bed in the basement right now. It's just too tight. 

The second thing we agonized over was this island:

I wanted the island NOW! But it was $379 so we decided to wait a while and make sure it would actually fit in the kitchen first. I marked out the dimensions in the house last night while cleaning and I'm still unsure. The stupid dishwasher door is completely in the way of island traffic so it might be difficult to manuever around. I'll put down some frog tape to see for sure nxt time we go.

That, plus the bed took a while to decide.

In the end, this is what we came home with!

Yes so: The Hemnes bed for $239, a billy bookcase for $49.99, a toliet brush (.99 cents), 2 $2,99 striped rugs for the sides of our new bed, a $14.99 track light for Rob's Mancave, 3 $1.99 wall clocks (we have a project planned for those), a $10 laptop stand (that's the black and white polka dots), 4 gosa styra pillows (on sale for $2 each in the As Is section), and another queen sized Henny Cirkel Duvet set for $8 in the As Is section. 

We're going to rip it apart and turn it into curtains. They have curtains in this same fabric but they're around $60 and that's crazy.

I got the Billy bookcase to go with my others:

Now I have 3 bookcases, and I probably could do with a fourth already. I read a LOT, and we have plans to add a library in our house :)

Here is a rough picture of the laptop stand in action by the way:
Obviously I have a polka dot and stripe addiction.

This weekend was so much fun. I love spontaneous trips, shopping, and being with Rob. Oh and the As Is section of Ikea, as I've already mentioned before.

Anyone else have embarrassing stories of their bed 'frames' or awesome Ikea buys?

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  1. I love the island too! I want one! I usually find, despite being an entirely average 5'4'' (nearly) that work surfaces are too low... If that were the case with you too, you can buy lockable wheels at Ikea that could be put on so you could move the island around if it was in the way?


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