Friday, August 5, 2011

Some Scoop

Sowwies sowwies, I got wrapped up in Rob's birthday celebrations and got a day behind in posting. I cooked him a British meal: cottage pie.

Any southerners would think its just a twist on traditional chipped beef on potatoes or toast. I think it's called shepherds pie around the midwest as well? It's just ground beef cooked in onions with mashed potatoes and sharp cheese on top baked together. Except of course I take it and warp it so it's horribly bad for you by leaving the ground beef drippings in it and using 1 stick of butter and a cup of half n half in the mashed potatoes too ;) Mmm mmm. None of that pansy whole milk in mashed potatoes for me! I like it heavy and creamy ;)

And I ended up getting Rob two things:

First, an ipad case that he's been hinting for ever since he got his ipad a few weeks ago. He got it for himself as a way to "build his credit". He used the Best Buy 18 month free financing deal to get it. Anywho, I got a speck brand flip leather one. Like this:

It looked nice, but its already bulging and looking funky so we'll probably take it back :( Stupid case. Don't get a speck one! They have good iphone cases but not so much for the ipad.

Also, I helped to invest in this bad boy for him:

Grrrr. So sexy and manly.

It's a Craftsman 10" table saw. I know I know, Craftsman is a Sears only brand and I work at Lowes. But! Sears had it on sale online at for $104 since they're replacing this saw with another model. And I had a $5 off coupon (a bit of a drop in the bucket but its the best I could find online). Lowes' comparable saw was still $149. Ouch... even with my employee discount. 

He was ridiculously excited about it, he had a huge grin on his face when I showed him the print out (I didn't have time to pick it up yet). :)

We got it because we're planning on laying down laminate flooring throughout the house to get rid of that nasty ruined carpet. Woop woop!! Let hope we can do it ourselves. And avoid chopping our arm off with our manly saw. ;)

Of course my favorite gift was his card, it's so goofy so I just have to share it as well:

It's not technically a birthday card but it made me snort laugh for awhile in the store so I got it :) Yayy for being a dork! 


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