Friday, August 19, 2011

Washy washy washy

I had to avoid making a Ms. Wishy Washy joke in the title!

Anyways, as everyone knows, I work at the wonderful Lowes and we have a wonderful section in the appliance area known as "clearance". This is where customers have returned appliances and so they can no longer be sold for full price OR where items are repaired and then resold. So like refurbished ipods.

While pushing back regular returns yesterday I wondered into it just to see what they had and noticed that they had a matching (well close enough) set of Whirlpool Cabrio top loading washer and dryer. This is really rare. Normally you'll just find random banged up fridges, a maytag dryer, a roper, and then like a swanky, still $1000 samsung front loader. But never a washer and dryer that is the same brand, let alone a same model/type.

They do match perfectly, these are from different internet sites though so the gray knob bits on top look off! They're not in real life!

So obviously I told Rob about it and he swung by during his lunch break to check them out. And then we bought them after I got off work! :)

We got them both for an awesome deal, the washer is originally $699, and the dryer is $799 (it's a model up from the washer). We got the washer for $400 and the dryer for $471. The washer still has it's original warranty because it was returned within the 7 day period after buying (probably didn't fit his/her space well) and the dryer was repaired. It has a whole new electrical panel now. So for $871, we got a set that's usually $1400. I'll take $529 off!

Plus, we'll have a tax rebate come January. :) 

The ones we were originally considering...

... a GE set, are poop compared to our High Efficiency set. Our Washer is estimated to cost $13 per year to run. This makes me happy :) 

And yes, we could have got a front loading set of basic Frigidaire for the same price next weekend at the huge Lowe's Labor Day sales but we did not want front loaders, especially cheap ones. Hate me, I know, they're all the rage and everyone reading this will be shocked but that's our personal preference.


Oh and obviously this hate only applies to cheaper front loaders. I know the swanky sets could be amazing, but thats not in our price range! :)

Anywho, enough about the front loaders, and this is way too long of a post for a washer and dryer! We're just excited! And a bit shell shocked from spending that much. Aside from our cars that's the largest purchase we've both ever made. :( did anyone else research top loading/ front loading as hardcore as we did? Anyone have their front loaders for longer than 5 years and still love them? Am I prejudiced?


  1. I like top loaders too. Well done.

  2. Great deal. We lucked out at our old house when we found a matching set at a Sears scratch and dent outlet. Sadly, the outlet had closed by the time we needed to purchase another set for our new house :(


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