Saturday, August 13, 2011

I met someone famous!!

The job at Lowes is going okay, it's money so I try not to complain and the co-workers are great but it's definitely soul-sucking in it's monotony.

I shadowed my mom at her middle school in Paris on Friday though and really enjoyed myself. I'm all signed up to substitute teach there come September so hopefully if that, plus math tutoring goes well, I can cut down on Lowe's hours.That's what I tell myself to get through the 9 hour work days at least :)

However, one perk of Lowe's is that I get to meet famous bloggers like Traci of Beneath My Heart ! Heck yeah!

Apparently Traci lives in my area! Or at least, the area that my Lowe's services! :) I've seen her three times now and was far too shy to say anything the first two times aside from stand there like a dork and try not to get in her way. Haha. I still turned red and had trouble sounding intelligent. I  had commented to let her know I'd seen her eventually after Rob talked me into it earlier this week and she saw me today in the lumber department and recognized me :) She was super sweet, and her kids are sooo cute!

It was soo much cooler than that time I saw Brian Richardson in the mall (of Backstreet Boys). Kentucky doesn't get much cooler than her! We took a picture too, I'll brag about it when she posts it :) Plus, she had been a 3rd/5th grade teacher on the opposite team from mine at my elementary school years ago :) Such a small world.... I didn't tell her that she had had a reputation as a strict teacher there ;)

Now I won't mind working so much if I get to see them come through!


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