Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Short Sale Lows and Lowes

Well, we were supposed to close tomorrow (Wednesday). I didn't say anything on here as I was sure that would jinx it. But it still was jinxed and pushed back! Our lender is useless and still isn't ready. Maybe next week he says.

I really had my hopes up this time too. I'm just feeling so depressed and down about it. We put in our offer back on the 20th of May... and on the 31st of August we still don't have the keys. That's more than 3 months! The average time for a short sale is 3 months, so we're still in the 'normal' range but good golly miss molly!!! It's been long enough!

I WANT TO PAINT! And rip up floors and decorate and put our stuff in. I am not normally known for any inch of patience and I am tantrum imminent!

It's 99.9% ours, the paperwork is all done (well not our lender's obviously), so I know it WILL be ours, but it's still an emotional rollercoaster! :( When this is all done I plan on writing a post all about short sales... as a heads up and a warning for those naively going into it as we did, hopefully it will enlighten people. We sure could have used some enlightenment back in May.

Enough depressing stuff though. I bought myself some clearanced items at work today to cheer me up after hearing the news about the failed closing date. They're totally random but they were cheap and the local stores have been failing me!

First I got this lantern for the low low price of $2.99

It is massive. I can't figure out how to put it together yet, but the ones in store are HUGE! It's originally around $45 and they're now on sale for $6.50 and then an additional 50% off. My math is a bit off obviously, but I can't be bothered to go check my receipt! :) 

The door frame kind of gives it some perspective on size, it's as tall as the box is, not the picture on the box ;)

Anyways, don't know where I'll use it, but I figured it could at least sit somewhere with a candle in it looking pretty (if only the house had a mantle!). Or outside if it looks dumb. 

I also picked up this:

Please ignore the laundry hamper and my shoes reflected in it! I was desperate!

We got it for half off the yellow sticker price so $11.99, originally $47.99. It's a good size as you can see compared to the couch, it's 26 inches by 33 if you count the frame. It's solid wood too... or a thick veneer. Either way, it's got a nice walnut-y wood tone. I'm not sure if I'll leave it that way yet. 

Honestly, I have a few ideas of what to do with it but nothing definite.

I've been craving to replace some of the ginormous mirrors in the bathrooms, Rob isn't 100% on the idea yet though so it might not happen. But I'm wanting to replace them with a smaller, framed mirror so that I can put lights on either side of the mirror and make the bathroom a bit more classy and less hollywood-bright lights.

Unclassy... and just plain ugly mirror. Whats with the mirrored frame bits?!

And change it to something like this:

Or this one with a wood tone!

... minus the pedestal sinks. But again, Rob isn't so keen on that idea. It may just end up in a gallery wall!

Also, just for giggles, here is a picture of the mirror that I snapped earlier this evening while it was still light out. 
Are you dizzy yet?

 I didn't realize the camera was focusing on the mirror and not the frame!! I am so unskilled. I had to take the crappy basement light picture instead. Boo. Although it is a nice picture of my Nana's trees.

Anyone else hate short sales? Ever buy stuff because it's dirt cheap? Anyone know how to wire lights around a mirror? Ha. Rob is being negative about that aspect. Have a good hump day tomorrow!


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