Friday, August 26, 2011

If You Give a Mouse a Candy...

Since we're between our old townhouse and our new house, we're living in my grandmother's basement, as I've mentioned. Basement living means that we sleep among nasty things like spiders and silverfish:

Eeeek, don't read this while eating. 

Aaaand also mice:

This is obviously not a picture of our mouse... mice.

I think we've now caught about 3 or 4 mice in the past 2 weeks.So I wanted to mention the Squeamish Rob method for mouse extraction.

The first night we were woken up by a mouse, Rob sent me upstairs to my Nana's Mouse Killing Arsenal (aka the basket in the pantry) in the kitchen to get a trap. I brought him back one like this:

Princess Rob did not like this trap. He called it a "primitive torture device". Yeeesh. Fine. 

So the next day at work I bought every type of trap Lowe's carries that isn't a primitive rodent guillotine...which was 2 products (hey this is Kentucky after all):

I figured he wouldn't have to SEE the dead mouse with this one. 


Well the mouse hotels didn't work at all. We baited them like told and they've just sat untouched this whole time. The glue traps work really well though. We placed one on either side of our bed, and one near the outside door and one under the desk. The glue pad next to Rob's side of the bed is the one that has caught EVERY single mouse so far. Haha, poor Rob keeps being woken up by frantic mouse squeakin' at 4am. 

So he wakes up, turns on all the lights so that I suffer as well.... and throws it out the door. The first night he felt sorry for the mouse so he gave it a piece of candy to nibble on while waiting for some predator to eat him off his glue prison. Such a soft heart. Now he just launches it out the front door, the impact of landing probably kills it anyways. But at least he didn't have to see it laying there dead right? Pansy.

Sorry we caught you... here, have a piece of candy while you wait for Mr. Next Door Cat.

By the way, don't google "mouse glue traps". I tried to find a picture of our brand of trap but just found image after image of halfway rotted dead mice stuck to them. WHY GOOGLE?! I am scarred for life now. 

EDITED TO ADD: I am not afraid of mice. At all. I blame it on the one time when I was 5 or so and I killed a mouse in our house with a plank of 2x4 because my cat was just staring at it. Silverfish are terrifying though!


  1. These mice must have high standards of living , because your NaNa's basement is very classie. Hugh TV. Leather Furniture etc. I thnk I like the old mouse traps. One whack and it's over. Where is Tom when you need him? Probaly still being outwitted by cute little Jerry!

  2. I feel the same way as Robert about mice in traps, I have bought an electronic mouse deterrent for my studio after finding "evidence" in a corner. No more evidence, yet, may change when the weather gets colder. We sometimes get mice in our loft, I was up there recently, poking around when suddenly there was a "bang" OMG! I thought,stepping back, "What was that?" Bang! Again. OMGoodness "WhatIS going on?", as I stepped to one side BANG!, again, I looked down and finally spotted the 3 traps I had set off with my fleecy slppers. Husband just looked at me witheringly when I explained and went to re-set.

  3. Can we rename the blog to Mouse Pour?

  4. ICK-we had mice in our dorm room in college (ewwww) and the custodians gave us the glue traps. I hated them--I think they're more torturous than the spring-loaded kind, because they have to die a slow death on the glue traps. At least the other ones kill them right away and they never know what hit them...right? (I also won't look at the ones we catch and make Rick do all the dirty work.)

    I don't want to live among mice, but at the end of the day, I still am too much of a softie to kill anything. Except mosquitoes. Those I have no compassion for.

    Hope you have a great (mouse-free) weekend!

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