Monday, August 29, 2011

A Small Shopping Score (Alliteration woo!)

I've been online shopping (discovered Urban Outfitters!). I suddenly realized I had money this weekend and decided to see whats out there now in stores and on the internet.

I went to our local Homegoods first. I didn't find much, I was actually a little disappointed... everything was so dark and heavy looking. The pillows were all in rusty reds, oranges, and dark greens and in heavy materials like velvet and corduroy. It was like stepping back into the 90s. I assume its just because they got their big fall shipment in but blegh!! I hope they lighten up.

Why is that when you have money to spend, you can't ever find anything cute... but when you're broke everything looks good??

Anyhow, I ended up with this shower curtain for our upstairs 'master' bath for $15:

It's not amazing, but the fabric felt like it was good quality and it's overly long so I can hang 'em high. Plus I really liked the robins egg blue color and birds :)

I've seen that pattern of fabric around, Target sells a pair of slipper chairs in the tangerine hue of it. Apparently it's made by Thomas Paul... I had to research that, ha. Apparently it's also REALLY expensive to buy by the yard as well. Calico Corners was sold out of all of theirs on line though so I couldn't get an exact price on this pattern.

Mine is the teal one, obviously :)

It's a nice, large scale print, and it won't impact the master bathroom paint colors too much (since I haven't decided on them yet). Robins egg can go with plenty of our possible colors.

Researching that led me to his other prints, like this selection here:

I love all of those! Especially the one on the right. 

Mmmm... anyhow, love his work! I'm going to try to find a way to get some more. Hopefully Homegoods will get some cuter stuff in soon... with his fabric on it, cause I certainly can't afford it otherwise! :)


  1. Nice job - Would love for you to check me out as well at

  2. I hate when I go shopping with the intent of actually spending money and then the stores let me down.

    I really like the shower curtain choice!!


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