Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stress and Knobs.


So much stuff that I feel overwhelmed and weepy. We have a closing date. It's next Wednesday (the 17th). The sellers moved it up on us because banks can magically pull stunts like that and it irritates me so much I have to refrain from punching my realtor every time she reminds me. *calming breath*

Are we ready? No. Are we even done with our underwriting? No. Do we have siding fixed or termite inspection done? Nope. We're going to wrap the siding fixing up into our 203k mortgage though (renovation mortgage... yeah we switched loans AGAIN). Pest inspection will be done this week. Hopefully.

And the final dregs of information (some of which we've already sent but they are special people and lose these things).

I'm not even sure if this can happen this fast, but our lender is remaining incognito and emailing us rather than calling, still. But he didn't say "hell no" and throw in the towel. Er.Wells Fargo are jerks by the way, don't use them.

Also, they want proof of student loan deferment for 12 months, and I absolutely cannot prove that. I've not even called my student loan people or taken the GRE to get into a masters program.

So, whatever. What happens, happens. I'm sick of worrying and stressing for 3 months now.

In other news, I discovered something sneaky sneaky while working today. A budget way of getting trendy new hardware for your furniture:

Everyday watering hose faucet valve.

Fancy knobs for furniture

I saw Twice Lovely's new knob shop open and their new line of salvaged water hose knobs. They're selling them on etsy for $6 each which is utterly ridiculous. You can go to Lowe's and get the whole valve for around $3, the valve is on a large threaded hex bolt that you can slide off and slide into furniture knob holes instead. Lowe's valves come in rubber covered metal, but you can slice the rubber away to reveal the metal like the ones the Twice Lovely gals sell. 

Easy peasy. I just had to say something, I like the look a lot, but I dislike when others get moolah from something simple we can do ourselves!! 


  1. Like the faucets idea, brilliant!
    Don't like unreasonable people controlling your life so much! (You have put your point of view to them?-- seems there may be a probblem they might know about and want to dump it quickly so it's your responsibilty?)

  2. Oooh, thank you for sharing this!! I guess you'd be paying the extra $£ for someone else doing the 'hard' work for you - but it doesn't sound terribly hard, does it?!!


  3. Great color!! Love the hardware, too!


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