Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mancave TV Unit ala MASH

I've not mentioned the mancave much at all yet, mainly because I want Rob to write a post about it on his own since it's his brain child. And no, I don't mind giving him the reins completely for an entire room... he has good taste and the paint and colors should fit in nicely with the whole house scheme. But, until then, I want to mention a chest(?) that he bought today to use as storage and as the wall mount TV console thingy.


Can you tell Rob finally charged his DSLR's battery? Ha

It's an old army chest for electrical parts.

He's been looking for something like this for months... ever since he found out that he is getting a mancave actually. 

These Fragile stickers are my favorite part!

He wanted it to be an army trunk to match an ammo box that he has. And he's totally addicted to Call of Duty Black Ops and I think it influenced his tastes for his room.

It's quite big too! He's planning on using it as a TV console in the room to go under the 32 in TV which I'm assuming will be lower down on the wall since they want it at sitting height for optimum Xbox game play. 

US Electric Light Equipment Set stamped on top. 

I love all the scrapes and dings. This was well used! 

I don't know why the army uses a castle as a logo??

I tried to find a picture on pinterest of trunks being used as TV consoles but I couldn't find anything except chicks in army costumes??? Thanks pinterest.

It's history sticker on the back. Not sure why it looks soapy in this picture, it's not! It is filthy though, my fingers turned black lugging it out of the car.

The best part is the price: $25 from a local flea market in town. They had about 25 of them stacked in a room so I'm assuming thats why they were so cheap. Usually our town tends to jack up prices on everything (like putting a $80 price sticker on a laminate dresser... uhh no). 

It has odd compartments inside. Should be good for organizing games and such though!

Last picture! I think it's too cool, he did awesome! Maybe if we ask nicely he'll give us a post describing his plans for his room!

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  1. LOVE this trunk!
    can't wait to see it in the room!
    have a great week.


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