Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A New Addition

Whew, can you tell I've been ill? That last post is chock full of grammar errors, sorry. I went back and edited it.

I'm still feeling horribly ill and sickly though so I just popped in to say that I added a link to my Pinterest boards on the right side panel:

Now you can see what I've been up to and pinning. I really only pin images of homes that I like or ideas in decor I want to try though. I'm sorry if you were looking for makeup, recipes or random images of unicorns! 

If you need an education on what Pinterest is, refer to this blog post. 

And I changed my pinterest name too to Elz @ Housepour, I would have linked it up to the blog sooner but I couldn't figure out how to change my url to stop it from showing my last name. I figured it out finally. I don't want any creepers! :)

Oh and here's a unicorn picture since I failed you on pinterest:

You're Welcome ;)


  1. I pinned a squirrel with spirit fingers...while I was supposed to be meal planning. Pinterest is fabulous.

  2. Oh NO! Poor you feeling ill. Here's a big 'get well' hug from England. Can you hear it flying over the sea? Bam!! There - it's landed...and....*squeeze*



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