Thursday, September 29, 2011

Man Cave or Call of Duty Room

As I've mentioned before and shown in the house tour (here) our house has 3 bedrooms, 2 of which are upstairs and decently sized. The third is downstairs behind the kitchen and is just an all round weird room.

It has an attached bathroom, which is handy, but the room itself is only 11x11. Tinnnnyyyyy. The attached walk in closet is a third of the size (and will be our handy closet, full of tools and other manly things like chest hair). Added to these odd proportions is the fact that this bedroom has the only back door to the house, leading to the back deck.

If this was used as a real bedroom it could get awkward walking through a guest's room while they're sleeping to get outside. Stalkerish even. "Ooh I see you sleeping.. oh don't mind me I just need a dip in the hot tub... naked". Kinda thing. (Side Note: a hot tub is imminent in our future, no comment on the skinny dipping though).

Long story short, it's going to be used as a mancave/ gaming room. I'm more than happy about this because we have a whole bunch of couches, like... we have 4 couches. That's a bit much right?! 3 are proper couches and 1 is a super thick futon. The futon will probably go in the man cave (I don't have a picture of it sorry). So that we have an extra bed in case our guest bedroom is full. This is smart as Rob's parents and his sister fly over for visits about twice a year.

$25 dolla, holla.

The futon, the 32 inch flat screen and his TV unit trunk (seen here) are about all that will fit in the room. Rob says this is fine since men don't mind sitting all crammed in on one another while playing Call of Duty. Or men plus me since I like to play as well (gotta represent the G11). Maybe we could squeeze in one of those tiny Ikea $70 arm chairs, or an ottoman. We'll see.

As for paint colors, Rob wanted to go bold. Like toned down peacock bold. It's completely his decision but I've snagged paint chips in dark gray blues from Benamin Moore for weeks and I know which ones are my favorite contender! He'll probably instantly hate them now haha.

First, Atmospheric by Benjamin Moore

Love it. If he doesn't end up using this I might have to steal it and use it elsewhere, like the Laundry Room.

Here it is in use:

See how it pops with the natural wood tone? The futon is wooden too so I'm hoping they'll mesh well. Painting or staining it would be a total bitch. Ooops, I mean beeeeeeep.

Second, Rushing River by Benjamin Moore

I can't find many pictures of this color in use that aren't full of eye sore furniture or scabby cabinets. I think this picture is a bit washed out or tweaked. The color would have to be darker in real life, this color is the second to last shade on it's chip!!

I also don't think it would look so gray. It's on the same chip as Gray Wisp and I know that has a bit of intense blue in it when the sun hits. Oh well. 

Lastly, I also like Bella Blue BM too, it might be too dark though.

But any similar sort of shade will go well with the Gray Cashmere that will be in the kitchen... like a surprise, but a better surprise than nude hot tubbing would be!


  1. Oh man - i love every single one of those paint chips. It's my not-so-favourite part of painting any room...trying to narrow down the colour selection :-) I can't wait to see how the man cave comes along!

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  2. I LOVE thinking about paint colours- you are a girl after my own heart!!


  3. The atmospheric blue was my absolute fave colour when I was in my early 20's... I even painted my bike that colour! (I then used enamel to paint on daisies....)I look forward to seeing some pics.

  4. hahaha any mention of COD makes me laugh because I had a student last year who somehow wove Call of Duty into every single assignment. Like, "Romeo and Juliet should have taken more time to play COD; then they wouldn't have wanted to kill themselves." :P

    Love all 3 paint color options!


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