Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blue Moooooooon

Sorry folks, am down for the count with Strep Throat!! I'll be back as soon as I recover!

For now I'll leave you with pictures of my newest project:

We got this small dresser/ mirror combo at the local Restore in town for $35. Normally I like to be around $25, but I liked the shape of the mirror and plan on removing it from the supports (and throwing those away, they date it so bad) and using it in another area of the house as a chalkboard sign. :)

The pictures don't show it well but it is an eye popping shade of blue. It will be changed. I bought a quart of Olympic ONE satin paint color matched to Benjamin Moore's Fieldstone. I'm curious to see how that paint will work out. 

The paint job is not so great. See the dings and brush marks?

It has such cute legs though!!

More damage shots..

Scarred top. I think whoever refinished is not so good at painting!

Last shot. And yes I took these photos in the basement stairwell. No way was I going to lug it up into the 98F  sunlight!! 

Here is a picture of a vanity painted in fieldstone so that you can get an idea of where I'm going with it:

Okay feeling nauseous now. Later!

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  1. Oh wow great thrifty find! This is my first time here sou I'll be back to see how the dresser turns out. The vanity is amazing!


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