Friday, September 23, 2011

Coming Along

{Edit: I wrote the majority of this post last night, so the times are off. I felt woozy last night, not at 12:30 something in the afternoon! Also all pictures are off my phone, no way we're dragging the DSLR into all the chemicals we have going on over there}

I feel a bit high tonight. We've been steam cleaning the carpets today with a homemade mixture of bleach and vinegar (1 cup bleach, 1 cup vinegar, then fill the rest of the reservoir with hot water by the by). It is staaanky. We're also going to have to invest in a pair of goggles for both of us. Dumping out the used water made both of us cry. I googled it when we got home and apparently bleach and vinegar together is not so healthy. Oops. There is urine in the carpet so the ammonia mixing with bleach probably didn't make it any better.Double oops.

Maybe that's why my throat is currently burning...

That's so nice to contemplate. I think there is human poop upstairs too. Just a small spot. When we were house hunting (back in early MAY), we looked at a foreclosure house where the owners had taken massive dumps on the carpet and smeared it in (to get back at the bank/the man). The house smelled so bad it made me nauseous.... that's a nice tangent I know. All that to say that I can handle one small dump. Possibly.

This is what the used water pulled from the carpet looks like. It's a charcoal grey color. Mmmm. Just looking at that picture makes my eyes water up in remembrance. I won't be using the bleach again. I think I learned my lesson.

Here's the man cave after the carpet cleaning.

There is still some slight stainage in the back corner there. It's actually burn marks which we can't get rid of :(

I also OCD cleaned the stairwell with every attachment our Nano vacuum (which I bought purely for the aqua color) has on it. Much much better. It'll be even better after we tackle it with the steamer... although I will NOT be using bleach.

Look how clean the toilets and new seats are now! (I added Clorox tabs to the tank to eradicate that .01% of moldy floaters that might still be around). There really is a LOT of bleach going on in this house.

Then Rob went a bit OCD on the joint compound filling in holes and cracks. 

Practically every wall looks like that now. Good thing we're planning on using ONE paint or we'd have major flashbacking on the walls. 

And finally, neighborhood watch cat is watching YOU!

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  1. Oh the pleasures of buying someone else's house! :) Our house was a foreclosure, and we had one bedroom - what's currently the guest room - that was literally covered in someone's feces. I can't explain it. It went all the way through the carpet into the floorboards. Not fun!

    But you'll be SO glad when all that "previous homeowner gunk" is gone and you can start fresh! :) Good luck!


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