Monday, July 11, 2011

Recent Goodwill Finds!

The Goodwill next to us is awesome. I very rarely leave there with empty hands, and I only go there when I have a $20 bill or something in my wallet because otherwise I get heartsick at leaving such pretty stuff behind.

Here is a list of some recent finds I've found there:

Last week or so I found this table for $4.50:

It looks kind of gross, and was scratched ALL to pieces, but it will be lovely! I've kept my eye out for a square coffee table for MONTHS now. 

Down pillow forms for $1!

Uh yeah this isn't so pretty. It was $8, and I'm in the process of doing it up. It was a mothers day to gift to Mom... and it's not done YET. I blame the heat. 

I think this was $1, it is HUGE! I don't have popcorn in it, but it's a handy spot for my rolled up tea towels since we have less than preferred amounts of drawer space. 

Truly awful picture. But it's a pedestal table I bought for mom that cost $10. It's in her foyer. 

This dresser was odd. It has dovetailed drawers, but the wood is super thin? Either way we painted it black and it looks 100% better. I'll show the before and after later. $15!!

See? Awesome Goodwill.


  1. really great finds! you got some awesome deals on the furniture. love the popcorn bowl too.

  2. I LOVE the hexagonal table!


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