Friday, July 15, 2011

The woes of short sales, part 2.

Short sales = buying as is. We knew this but it didn't truly sink in.

So, this is just a quick note of misery. We had the home inspection yesterday and had an HVAC repairman out there today as well. There are several things wrong with the house. Most of which we already knew and a surprising new batch of "oh no" that we discovered.

We already knew the siding on an eave of the house was blown off. We've had some bad storms lately. We were expecting some mold issues, but surprisingly, although the siding WILL have to be put back on obviously, there is no water damage in the attic/walls. Not sure how, but the inspector said it was all still sound. Whew.

Next, we discovered that the house IS on a crawl space and that the previous dumb owners filled in the ventilation wells with top soil to make the front garden. Genius! Now the crawl space is humid and damp. Good news though, the inspector said it should clear right up as soon as the vents are dug up again. I'm not sure if part of the dampness is due to the siding being off too? I'll ask.

Now for the last bit, the HVAC system's compressor is shot. The house has no heating or cooling or ventilation at the moment (which also does not help the damp issues). This is killer important in Kentucky. We must have both as we experience the humidity and heat of a southern summer along with the chill and and ice of a northern winter.

Repairman quoted us a price of $2600 to fix the compressor, but a repairman that our family's daycare uses said he'd do it for $1500.

I'm throwing myself a pity party right now because that means no new carpets in the house until probably tax return time. :(

We're still getting a good deal for the house. When we update it and the housing market heals a bit we'll have a made a nice investment and potential rental property.

Overall it's not bad. Right? Right?! :(

In other news though I GOT A JOB!! Yayyy! And I was hired at none other than our local Lowes.

So, repair costs should be 10% off with an employee discount. Woop! I also signed up to substitute teach in the fall at my mom's county. She'll show me the ropes so I can sign up for Alternate Teaching Certification in the spring.

I also managed to take a whole slew of pictures of the new house so I'll post a House Tour later tonight after we see Harry Potter and eat at the Pub for dinner!! Hope you enjoy/ don't call us stupid for falling in love with this house!


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