Friday, December 30, 2011

The Next Frontier....

The next frontier is vinyl plank flooring. 800 sq. feet of it through out the upstairs and in the living room downstairs. 

As I'm writing this, we've done maybe 80 sq. feet. Probably not. Oh mylanta it's back breaking work. We ripped up half the carpet in the mancave, and then Rob got excited and laid down some flooring so we can get a feel for it. This isn't going to be a quick project going by our current state of progress! 

Plus, the old carpets are stinky, and have sharp bits in them. Rob's done most of the work. I mainly roll up the carpet and tie it in bundles :)

It makes a big impact though. So far we're loving the vinyl flooring. So much easier to install than laminate, plus it'll be waterproof... which is good for our moisture loving house. And it's sexy. 

Meow! We were planning on waiting til our income tax returns in 2012, but while stalking Lowes 2 days ago I found that the "gunstock" Armstrong vinyl planks were on sale from $1.74 to 99cents. The employee we asked said it wasn't a sale, it was a misprice and that they're fixing it next week. So we jumped on it and charged all $782 of it to our Lowes card with a 10% off coupon we had saved up. The "sale" prices saved us $600 from what we were expecting to pay! Wahoo!

Plainly my awful phone pics give you an accurate idea of how it looks ;) Better pics later... and some updates after this New Years weekend. Be safe y'all and enjoy your black eyed peas!


  1. Oh my that's so lucky! I think you picked a great color for the floors too! Our floors are really light colored & they never look clean. The color you picked is similar to what my parents have at their house, and theirs never looks dirty :) Have fun with the project! It's gonna look awesome!

  2. Way to see the opportunity! Can't wait to see what it looks like when it's finished!


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