Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Living Room Paint - Gray Cashmere

Ta Da! After only a month and a half of half-ass painting, the living room is done!

I've hung some things up, the room is very much not done. But, it's more presentable now I guess.

The wall above the couch is just begging for some love.

Do you like my $3 goodwill lamp? Brassy and in charge! I was going to paint it glossy white. I'm not sure what to do with it now... I kinda like the brass.

I also removed the other couch pillows. They felt a bit busy to me. I'm still trying to think of replacements.

That random lack end table with nothing on it won't stay there. There isn't enough room for it obviously. They were in the mancave for a while though acting as dual coffee tables. Rob found a proper for in there so these came back out to the living room for now.

I am debating repainting this to a softer dark gray since it got banged up in the move and I tossed out the can of black paint in a fit of rage. I'm definitely going to change the knobs. The squished bug brass pulls have annoyed me for long enough! 

We donated the turtle to a co-worker of Rob's. Poor Franklin wasn't getting the care he deserved by a busy Rob... plus the cat was too interested in him. He was going to end up as a snack on the half shell any day. His old end table is going up to the guest bedroom most likely after a makeover). 

Now we've kinda got a dead space behind the couch. I have no clue what to do with it :(

See my painted ferris wheel Michelle?! That's for you!

On the dining side I've managed to decorate a bit more. I got 12 $1 frames from the Dollar Tree in plain black and slid in cut outs from the Paris scenes art book I got at Goodwill for 50 cents (past post link here). I think they look pretty. 

Plus the prints are neutral so they don't stand out that bad. Also, I will never again do a symmetrical gallery wall in my life. Do not tell me they look crooked. According to my laser level they're not so they're not!!  (This is me plugging my ears now) haha.

One of the frames IS wonky though. The wood is warped. Oh well that's what you get with $1 frames. I'd still rather have it wonky then pay $7 for each at Ikea for a whopping grand total of $85 for just frames! Yowza.

I think the paint color makes the wood of the table pop nicely.

Christmas tree!!

Oh and the lantern on the table was just $3 at Lowes last summer. I haven't bought a candle for it yet. 

Ugly ceiling fan shot. That is next on my list to tackle.

In general, I like the paint color and so does Rob (it's Gray Cashmere by Benjamin Moore). In natural light it's a pretty smokey blue-green. We don't love it though... hopefully it'll grow on us. I'm not repainting it anytime soon.

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  1. Way cute! I LOVE your dining room, it's really coming together!

  2. I love the gallery frames with the book paintings! I need to find a book like that...

  3. I mega-love the color you chose for this room. It looks lovely. I'm getting caught up on posts today after a vacation, but I wanna tell you an idea for the "dead space" behind the couch. Could be made into some kind of entry-closet type space since it looks like you don't have a closet there. Build/purchase a "locker" type thing to put in there to hang jackets in, maybe a long, tall table or shoe holder type thing under the window or directly behind the couch. Something like that? It looks good in my head anyway :) I like watching your house progress into a home! It keeps looking better & better!

  4. wow! beautiful..!! the final photograph is giving the definition of togetherness.i think its a moroccan lamp on your dining table..looks amazing!


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