Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Screw Christmas, More Chalkboard!

Y'all, I feel awful today. I've got a bad sinus infection and sitting in bed staring at my laptop all day when I could have been earning money for presents that I still can't afford to buy yet has been HARD.
I finished my long term sub position last week but because of the weird pay schedule I won't see any of that money til a few days AFTER christmas. Which just sucks. Plus, my nose is raw.

Oh well, enough whining. Rob and I have a lot of backed up projects to share and I am feeling a bit sick of Christmas today since I can't afford it this year, SO I'm going to break up the Christmas related posts and stick in a random chalkboard project I did last weekend :)

Remember this ugly picture I got at Goodwill for $3.50 (link here)?

I have no clue why someone would want an aerial shot of a farm? I decided to make it into a chalkboard instead.

This was a total bitch to hang. It came without any hardware so Rob had to put in the tiny eye hole things in the back by hand. It involved a lot of cussing and anger on his part since the frame is like solid oak and it kept snapping the hardware in half!! :)

I have a strong love for glossy lipstick red. I try to stay away from it generally though since I don't like any other tone of red. But I liked the way Martha Stewert sells the aqua and red kitchen stuff so I decided to do the same in my kitchen. The red should look nice against the color we're planning on painting the walls.

Hence the red geometric dishtowel THAT ROB KEEPS WIPING HIS HANDS ON EVEN THOUGH ITS JUST A PRETTY. Whew. Boys.

I like the way chalkboards look when you're preparing them. So suessical.

The chalkboard part was easy. The frame was a happy accident... I originally bought a small bottle of enamel red paint meant to go on metal to tweak the ugly chandy that was in the kitchen... but we ended up buying the pendant from ikea instead. So I used the enamel metal paint on the wood frame instead and instead of covering it, it went on so thinly that it looked like a red stain. I liked it. A lot!

Now our kitchen no longer has such a blank and sad wall. That little giraffe on the floor is Loki's FAVORITE toy by the way. We have to hide it every few days because he's totally wild when he plays with it. It must make him believe he's a lion in the Serengeti.


  1. Lovely red, it looks really good on that wall.

  2. I love a good chalkboard!

    Get better!!


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