Friday, December 9, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree...

Ta Da! Here is ours this year. It's just white lights, candy stripe ribbon, glittery red/gold tree picks from Michael's (50 cents holla), and ornaments that I've/We've collected since moving out from home. 

Here are some noteworthy favs of mine! 

This is dorky I know, but if you solve the problem the answer is 2007! My calculus teacher gave them to everyone in my class the year I graduated. It makes me smile :)


This is my little girl ornament from Holland. My great grandmother got her (I assume for me since I've always been told it's mine). I have no clue how old it is but I've had it as long as I can remember. 

Cracker Barrel ornament from last year. I think it was only like $3.

I love the tree topper top hat. I got it from Cracker Barrel last December for $14.99. 

Nighttime view...
etc. etc. 

I love turning it on at night, it feels so cheerful :)


  1. I love the maths one!

  2. That calculus ornament is HILARIOUS! I love seeing how different everyone's trees are.

  3. Nice, but isn't the answer to the calculus one 2006?

  4. Very whimsical and cute! Nice.


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