Monday, December 26, 2011

Very Happy Weekend

Wow. It has been such a mad rush around here. Every year I help my Nana throw a triple Christmas for my large and barely related but loved nonetheless family. This year was no different and I didn't have one spare minute to even wish you all Merry Christmas. Sorry, but I've been having a ball. Christmas is my favorite time of year. I am such a home body. Spending time with my huge family all thrown in together is SO much more fun then friends could ever be ;) My Nana always makes each year exciting and unique. She is a super woman, especially with her poor health recently (although Mayo is on it's way this winter!).

We cooked so much food, the best of which was our two 20 lb hams! We splashed out and got a Clifty Farms country ham and a Paula Deen spiral this year. I prepared the country ham. It was my first time...  

Lets just say I didn't realize you had to clean the ham of all it's slime before hand! That thing was slippery!! 

I think my sides are still aching from all the laughter we had! My favorite part was my dirty santa gift. I wrapped up a fancy egyptian cotton towel set from Lands End... and put a "log" of poop soap on it... with corn. My uncle LOVED it. He's such a nut -- we all try and trick each other. 

I also scored tons of good stuff. Like a Brother CS6000i sewing machine. It is gorgeously beautiful and terrifying at the same time. I WILL be a sewing goddess though. 

My biggest hope is to churn out a quilt like Newly Woodwards does! I love her bunting quilts :) I've read all the amazon reviews (all 765 of them... I might be exaggerating) and they all praise it so woohoo!!

She got a killer deal on it. It's normally about $450, but she got it 70% off. I can't wait. I am so excited and I am halfway through the manual on it already! 

My Rob got me some fun toys too:

- a new black Wii and controllers
- Zelda game (dork)
- Complete set of Harry Potter movies

I also got some lovely new clothes, a gorgeous white leaf scarf, toms, and tons of gift cards. Rob got snazzy RL winter clothes, some xbox stuff, a yoda alarm clock, a model plane, etc. We were into the toys this year! Even better than my gifts were the gifts I gave my family. I was very proud of how thoughtful most of them were this year: a new coat for both my mom and dad who are both struggling to stay warm, a kitchen utensil my Nana has been searching for for MONTHS, a hand painted metal owl for my cousin who loves owls, and a new backpack set for my sister who I learned hasn't had a backpack all year!! I feel all warm and cozy just remembering it all. We were very blessed this weekend!! I'm hoping everyone else was too and that your Christmas was equally wonderful. Here's to waiting 364 days for next year!! :) 


  1. Wow you look so pretty in those pictures! So lucky too you got a sewing machine! I didn't get one... yet... my father in law is still coming from New England at the end of the week for our Christmas with him, so I'm still holding out hope!!! He & my husband know way more about sewing machines than I do because B's mom was a sewing fanatic! Glad you had a good Christmas!

  2. Woah - handling a ham is impressive! And I'm beyond jealous of your 8 Harry Potter movies. This is a must have for me in the near future =)

  3. Two of my family members also got legend of Zelda! It is an old game with some memories I guess! Well, I think it is old...hmmmm.....I can't believe the size of the hams! We had a vegan meal for Christmas dinner---but we made up for the low fat with the desserts!


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