Friday, December 16, 2011

Kill the Flies!

I had something else planned for today on our new stockings that we HAND STITCHED (shock and awe), but I've been too busy to snap pictures of them completed so instead, you all can watch a video I took on my phone of Rob helping Loki catch some flies. The funny thing is that Loki was totally cool with it and plainly appreciated the help in getting that damn fly!! ;)

Also there are some sneak peeks in that video of the mancave newly painted and decorated. It's been 90% complete for a few weeks now, but the other 10% took a while because we ran out of tape. Then we got lazy. I don't like to do the whole big reveal, keep everyone in the dark, thing but it looked stupid.... oh okay. I got paint all over the baseboards and took forever to repaint them. You all would have thought a 5 year old painted it! EFFORT to fix it! ;)

Anyways, Loki is growing like a weed. Hopefully soon we can start training him to go outside. Personally I get annoyed with smelling cat smells in my house!


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