Monday, October 3, 2011

Fieldstone Dresser

I've been patiently waiting on a nice sunny day to take pictures of the long finished dresser, but it's not going to happen. I finally dragged it out on Saturday and then just messed with the saturation to make it look less blah. It's been raining for about two solid weeks, so while the grass IS very green, the sky is just gray and yucky. It's also turning chilly which just sucks as I packed up all my sweaters and jackets into the Pod, so I'm stuck with just T shirts and a single pair of jeans. :(

Anyhow enjoy!

I truly love this color, Fieldstone by Benjamin Moore, it's a perfect gray. If it looks slightly blue-ish in these photos then it's Picasa's fault! :) 


And thanks to Olympic ONE paint plus Floetrol, this might be the best finish I've got on something before (aside from my oil based paints). 

I love the knobs. Such a steal for $1 a piece from Michaels! Plus I got one 40% haha. 

The previous painter had painted EVERTHING, including the insides of the drawers. Luckily they're white so I didn't need to touch them. 

Yeah, even the sides and undersides of the drawers were blue. Effort!

If you remember (it's okay, it's been a LONG time ago-- find it here), I got it for $35 from the local Restore. 

And lastly, a before and after for happiness sake:

Before - 

After - 

Now it has a calmer presence :) I'm debating turning it into an island in the kitchen (since $350 for one at Ikea is a bit 'spensive... and common). I'm not sure how sturdy it is though, I can sit on it but I'm not exactly heavy. I think if I added beadboard to the back and put a wood top on it with room to slide 2 small tools underneath it it'd be cute! We'll see though. 

You likey?

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  1. Oooo, I like the color a lot. Good work! I think it could totally work as an island.

  2. Love the color; way better than the electric blue! What kind of brush did you use? Floetrol is a huge help, definitely.

  3. Such a lovely color! That color can go with anything :) I love the little legs on it.

  4. elz, i love this! the color and knobs are awesome!
    and i am with you- i had packed most of my cold weather stuff... been wearing the same sweater for like 4 days now. oh well- tomorrow i will have my stuff back!

  5. I totally love the color you chose. Like a nice brownish gray. Great job!! And thank you for not distressing it.

  6. Cute! And I just saw those knobs at Michael's yesterday- I love that little $1 section! I wanted some but I don't have any need for them, lol. Dropping by from Perfectly Imperfect. :)

  7. Came out darling~ stopping by from FFF- I host Feathered Nest Friday at my blog if you would like to come share sometime!

  8. Oh, it's so sweet! I've been really fond of gray lately, and have plans to paint something gray here at my house some time soon too. And isn't Floetrol wonderful? I learned about it from Kate at Centsational Girl. Wanted to let you know that I featured your project today on my blog. Hop on over and check it out!


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