Friday, October 14, 2011

Meet Loki!

We decided to let my mom have my cat Beau, since he's so happy at her house. When I reminded them of it, both my mom and my sister were upset, so it's better that he remain there.

Since Rob is so impatient we got a kitten on Tuesday. His name is Loki.

He certainly lived up to his name, causing all kinds of trouble. So much trouble that he fell and snapped the growth plate in his left knee... within 24 hours of living with us. :(

It was horrible. He tried to jump from the bed to the dresser in front of our bed, and he didn't quite make it, and as he was falling to the floor, his leg got caught in an open drawer on it... so he hung from it for a few seconds which cracked his joint. The sound of his scream is still haunting me. 

His little cast is so pitiful. He REALLY hates it (and it smells weird). Now he has to be kept confined for THREE weeks. Today is better than the previous days though, he's slowly adjusting to it. 

He's being kept in his kitty prison that is the pantry floor:

Since his leg sticks out awkwardly, we're using a paint tray for his litter box (we used the used tray for just one night, he has a brand new one now). 

We're also using a plastic see through bin that Rob drilled a zillion holes into for ventilation in the living room as well. The combination of the two prisons seems to keep him happy for now. Plus we hold him whenever possible. It seems mean, but he can't be jumping and running on his cast. 

Anyways, we love him to bits and he's the sweetest kitten I've ever had. He loves nothing more than getting petted and rubbed, and hopefully three weeks will pass quickly and then he can get up to more trouble!


  1. Oh no poor kitten! That cast does not look comfortable at all :( So sad that he has to be confined like that when it's so early in his time being with you. He doesn't get to do his normal kitty exploring as he should!

  2. We just got a new kitten too...I don't know what I would do if I saw her hurt herself like that. :( Hope he heals up quickly!


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