Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rob Earns Manpoints

We installed the new lights!

Here's the before of the breakfast nook side of the kitchen,

And here's the lovely new view.

Let the record show that Rob installed these the same night we bought them. So manly ;) 

We picked the larger 20" version because we liked the idea of it being oversized. But also because it was the only one that had a proper ceiling connectivity thing. The others had a normal outlet plug at the end. Too complicated to change it out. 

Much better now, yes?

And on the other side of the kitchen, 

I am sorry for your oak induced migraine. :) But look! It makes swirly shadows on the ceiling!

So much better than before!

But now I have a box of this in my kitchen:

Do you think Restore would even want these old lights??


  1. You should check out what Young House Love did with their old chandelier - I think you're could look just as amazing!!

    Love those lights!

  2. Yea for sure they'd want them! I've seen way worse lights than those there! Your old ones look to be in pretty good shape still. I love the new ones though, very lovely.

  3. Wanna send your manly man over to my place and install my new lights? Or at least have him talk my husband into installing ours. :P

  4. Looking good! Is the watering can placed by the oven in case of fire?


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