Friday, November 11, 2011

Loki the Terrible

Warning: Kitten Overload.

I figured you all might wants some kitten updates, if not, too bad. LOOK AT HIM! :)

The cast is officially gone and we're so excited. He's still got a limp but the vet said it will go away as the muscles strengthen back up. 

He's a camera hog, he photobombs about every picture I take for the blog so I have to keep scooting him out of the way. 

"I am sexier than this sofa and table here, look at me!"

"I'm sorry I think you were aiming the camera at me, not this pile of frames!"

He's extremely active, curious, and playful. More so than normal kittens, hence the broken leg! Curiosity probably will kill him, he has no "off" mode unless he's sleeping. 

 Oooh it moves, must smack it.



 Om Nom Nom

"What? I am innocent."

We love him regardless though. :)

And no, he's not usually allowed to eat the plants, I took pictures instead of squirting him with his water bottle and Rob already fussed at me. Just look at the cuteness though! 


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